Hannah and the Mitten

Caroline and I got stuck behind a school bus this morning, so when we arrived at her center the room was already quite full of children. As we walked in the gate, I climbed over two children and had to explain to little Jack who pointed furiously at a bowl of candy on a shelf that he would need to ask Sara or Michelle if he could have a piece. This displeased him greatly resulting in some pouting, but the girls handled it swiftly redirecting him to a table of art supplies.

I put Caroline down on the carpet and sent her off towards the bookshelf when I caught sight of Hannah's right hand. Yesterday when I dropped her off, there had been a sock on her hand and today it was still there. I asked the girls, "hey, what's with Hannah's mitten?" At first they pointedly ignored me, privacy issues I am sure. Undeterred and sensing something juicy, I asked again. Their answer, "she burned herself on the stove." My jaw hit the ground. Sara went on, "it's pretty nasty actually, but she seems to be doing really well with it and leaving it alone."

I know that children Hannah's age (just over a year) are curious and inquisitive and often touch things that they should not, but the stove? I won't pretend that there are not times when a particularly clingy Caroline needs to be in your arms whilst you stir the rice or flip the pork chops you are searing, but I am so paranoid that I only do it under the most extreme cases of clinginess and even then take particular measures to assure her safety. I know that given the chance those perfect little fingers of hers would reach out and get burned.

I don't care what good friends Caroline and Hannah might become, there ain't no way no how that there will ever EVER be an out of school playdate between the two. School will just have to be enough because OH MY GOD.


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