Holiday Happenings

The car was jam packed in the driveway with care and an ontime departure was in the air.

We managed to pull out onto the roads ontime last Friday afternoon headed for MA and all our various holiday happenings. How Steve packed everything in the car, I will never know. How he packed everything back into the car PLUS nearly all the extra treats we received seems almost magical!

It would be nearly impossible to review our family Christmas in a traditional post here. So please enjoy these "highlights."

... a baby who senses an impending wave of adoring family and decides to takes a little snooze is quite possibly the most phenomenal thing ever

... Uncle Hokie's purchase of false eyelashes was the most glamorous part of our holiday

... Christmas Eve mass with an 11 month old went surprisingly well, with just one outburst secondary to a gas bubble from downing her bottle in about .5 seconds. She was entertainment for the entire congregation and when she was not clapping her hands or saying ahda, she was smiling and flirting with one and all.

... Caroline enjoyed opening and sharing various gifts at Joanie's with Nolan and Declan though we pushed it a bit far. Our eye rubbing baby girl had fast forwarded to way past being ready for bed in the two minute drive home.

... As an extra special Christmas gift to us, Caroline woke up at 1am. Though we would normally let her cry a bit and cross our fingers that she would roll over, suck her thumb, and get herself back to sleep, I doubt that her aunties and grands would have appreciated the middle of the night wake up call. We tried to coax her back to sleep, but after a big burp she was up and 'atem until about 3am. We played downstairs with her new train and when I finally got her back down in the pack n play she blessed us with exactly 20 minutes of sleep before waking up again. Steve took the next shift and she conked out about an hour later with him. I think we are still trying to catch up on sleep from that night and I wish I was kidding.

... Despite her early Christmas gift to us, she was adorable on Christmas morning what with the excitement of paper, boxes, and gifts.

... Though we were organized and out the door on time to head back to Western MA, we missed Uncle Brett. We had been hoping that he would be able to stay in Western MA until 1pm, but he had to leave around 10, so we were passing ships on the Pike. We hope to see him really soon so he can see for himself how much Caroline loves her walker/rider and Learning Puppy.

... There was an odd air of stranger anxiety on Christmas Day at my uncle's. It had been an overwhelming weekend full of both new and familiar faces and an entire room of smiling foreign faces was a bit much, though she warmed up as the day went on. She was especially fond on her Great Uncle Rob whom she seemed to constantly be looking for.

... Caroline enjoyed her Christmas dinner at the table and ate her weight in Pirate's Booty and Cheerios while Granda/Grandfather challenged one and all to a mini pastry eat off.

... December 26th we were homebound after breakfast and we did in fact practically collapse into a pile of holiday cheer. Said pile has only been put away as of yesterday afternoon.

... Miss Michelle was there to welcome Caroline back to school on Thursday. After a careful warning that she had been partaking in holiday cheer in various places with a variety of adoring family, we kissed her goodbye and were off for our very own date day. Breakfast, some shopping, a movie, lunch, and grocery shopping sans babe was perfect. We missed her, but the day was a great opportunity for us to decompress from the holiday too.

... Friday the alarm went off at ten to 6 and we were a tazmanian devil like whirlwind of activity to get out the door to make our 7:10 train. Parking was confusing and we were kicking ourselves for not scoping out the day parking arrangements the day before. Caroline was AMAZING on the train, looking out the windows, eating Cheerios, having breakfast, flirting with commuters.

... So what did we do in the city? We made our way to Rockefeller Center of course and though we had expected her to go kookoo for the tree, she instead was fascinated by the skaters. Then it was a short walk to the Today Show and she made her second appearance on camera, this time complete with a brief interview with Hoda. How did Hoda get to us? Well, the cameraman spied her pink boots and directed Hoda to check them out too and poof there we were sharing Caroline with the world... again.

Big Happenings while we've been gone that you might be interested in:

There was a rite of passage ear piercing, a forgetful Mommy who left the cup at home necessitating some straw drinking which she loved and now loves, and this morning we entered the bright and dark exciting world of turning the light switch "on" & "off."


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