The holiday home stretch

We're pulling into the home stretch here. The shopping is done, the packages wrapped, the bags aren't quite packed, but we are getting there. We know what Caroline is bringing, isn't that enough =)

Today is my last day of work before the holiday and I won't be returning until after the New Year! Remarkably, Steve is also off next week, so I am really REALLY looking forward to reconnecting with him and reflecting on our first holiday with Caroline and our first holiday in our new home. What a whirlwind year it has been...

I have a presentation this morning, "Coping with Loss at the Holidays." I don't have many people signed up for it, but it was advertised in the paper and I am expecting some walk- ins. Writing the presentation was a bit tough because this time of year, no matter how merry and jolly the season, makes me think of my grandfather Charlie and now my grandfather Bob. This will be my grandmother's first Christmas without her partner and I feel so fortunate that we will be able to spend some time with her on the actual holiday to hopefully brighten her spirits and provide whatever support she needs.

I'm Still Standing
Caroline continues to spend more time completely vertical. Last night she was literally jumping on the couch looking at the photos we have in our bay window, squealing and pointing, and did I mention jumping! This morning as I ate my breakfast in the family room with the Today Show, she stood next to me and picked her own cheerios off the couch cushion. Then when they were "all gone!" turned completely around and grabbed onto the coffee table for support before flinging milk all over with my cereal spoon. Who is this little person?!?

New Routine
In case you didn't notice, I ate breakfast today. With the Today Show. Sitting on the couch. Not a banana in the car on the way to work!?!? I woke up 30 minutes early this morning and showered, dried my hair, and applied tinted moisturizer & mascara ALL before the little miss opened her eyes. So when I walked downstairs to pack her school bag and get my lunch together it was 7:30, leaving 15 blissful minutes to enjoy my own Honey Nut Cheerio and OJ breakfast. I think it is official that the night before showers are over. I feel too awake and CLEAN today to pass it up. Let's not forget how satisfyingly filling those Honey Nut Cheerios are either. WOW!

Tour De Christmas

Tonite - packing, packing, and did I mention PACKING.

Steve and I are exchanging a couple gifts; the ones that are too large to bring with us. It just doesn't make sense to bring that snowblower with us you know... he wishes =)

Friday - Leaving in the afternoon for MA

Seeing as how there is no snow in the forecast, we won't have to beg the neighbor teen to shovel and this makes me smile.

Saturday - The big McFamily holiday get together

There will be over 60 McSomethings, their sig others all gathered together. We are excited to see family and for Caroline to sit on Santa's lap for the very first time! After considering a mall santa photo, I thought it would be more special for that all important first Santa experience to be with Bim, our fabulous resident Santa. Photos to follow I am sure.

Sunday - Hanging with the rents and aunties (Uncle Hokie?)

I have never seen such calm people preparing for such an enormous party and they deserve this day after party destress day before Xmas eve and day. It will be relaxing and I am sure there will be some form of sports to watch on tv.

Christmas - "Did Santa come?"

We will spend the early morning and breakfast with Steve's fam. I am sure we will all be entertained by watching a particularly adorable little girl named Caroline's face when we walk downstairs and ask her if Santa came. It will be fun to see her rip paper off boxes. There is sure to be squealing and pointing. I CANNOT wait! I love embracing the gifting of the holiday. I tend to go overboard and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. After breakfast we'll say our goodbyes and it's off to the West to see my parents (and hopefully my brother). We'll spend some time as a family before we head to my Aunt & Uncle's just over the CT border for dinner.

Wednesday - Home Jeeves!

We'll head home in the morning and I am sure collapse into a pile of holiday cheer and promptly take a nap. Though Caroline will likely have slept the whole way and may not be down with the idea of nap because hello people you got me NEW TOYS that MAKE NOISE for Christmas. Lord have mercy on our ears, we did it to ourselves.

Wondering what will be under the tree for Caroline this year? See a post on Friday about her holiday gifts!

Thursday - Date Day

Caroline will go to school (we're paying for the week, I don't feel bad!) while her parents go to lunch AND a movie. (What movie should we see???!!!!)

Friday - NYC, weather permitting, starring the Rockefeller Center Tree

Eagles fan, don't despair, we already have the train schedule mapped out so we will be back at home for the kick off of the BC Bowl game.

NYE - baby-friendly New Years Eve Open House and a champagne toast at 8pm. HA!

We are hosting and we aren't sure what kind of interest there will be, but we will be happy to celebrate with one or 20 couples and babies. Maybe other parents have the where with all to get out of the house and go to a romantic dinner? To them I say - how?


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