In Caroline's Santa Bag

Ahh Christmas, the season of giving.

We went round and round on Christmas for Caroline this year. She is old enough that she is aware of all the fun things in the season like holiday decorations & lights, but is way WAY too young to really understand it. Thanks to Kiki and Poppa she is reading "The Night Before Christmas" every night as her bedtime story.

We are of course looking forward to this special first holiday with our baby girl! So as her parents and her official Santa, we have been debating what to get her to open. We decided that a few smaller things would be best since we will be traveling AND let's face it, she really will be more thrilled with the boxes than the contents. So we saved up empty boxes and wrapped a few of those up too. =)

We had a mini opening session last night with a gift from my boss and Miss Michelle from school and she was all over the place. The paper was distracting, the toys were overwhelming to her, and she did not know what to do, but had a great time. Nice little preview for us.

I for one am excited to be able to officially retire some of the younger toys and make room for new bigger girl toys that will stimulate and engage her more. I have been holding off (and it has been so hard!) because of Christmas. Many of the toys she plays with hardly hold her attention these days, what with the availability of a piano, a Daddy to climb, and a coffee table to explore. We wanted to keep it to about $75 which we thought would be easy, but really isn't because as a first time parent you just want to SPOIL her so badly. That 75 bucks was also meant to cover some much needed pjs from the Children's Place and a cute little comfy outfit.

Here is what else Miss Caroline will find under the tree from Santa for her First Christmas.

The Put and Peek Birdhouse

It's made by the same people who made the Winkle, which she still enjoys from time to time. The birds are so cute and I think she will really like putting them in and taking them out because that seems to be her new favorite thing. I cannot tell you how entertaining a laundry basket is to a baby her age. "Look Mommy's PJ Pants Out, Look Mommy's PJ Pants In, Look Mommy's PJ Pants Out, Look Mommy's PJ Pants In, and on and on and ON"

Baby's First Blocks

Ok, she should have had these about 3 months ago, but there is sorting and putting in and dumping out, all which will be very exciting I am sure. I caved and already gave these to her because we were way overdue for some of her toys to be retired. So I gave her JUST THIS ONE. =) She was so excited about the PACKAGING that she played with the box all the way home from Target in the car. It seems like a very easy take along toy and just as I had hoped it holds her attention for more than a micro second. She actually surprised us by knowing how to sort a bit on her own. Thank you Sara and Michelle.

Fridge Farm

She was ohhing and squealing in the store over this one. It is for a baby a little bit older than she is, but I need something in the kitchen to entertain her while I am cooking and she is already into the fridge and pulling off magnets etc.

Baby Beach Band

Umm, seriously, how cute is this. Caroline enjoys banging on boxes with wooden spoons and playing her piano with gusto. She would LOVE this.

VTECH Dial Discover Phone

I caved. She loved Christian's phone so much! Caroline makes a beeline for the remotes and our cellphones. I know this will not stop her fascination with all things electrical, but I am hopeful that having her very own will prevent us from having to remove the batteries or constantly hit EXIT EXIT EXIT on our TV remote.

Children's Place Stretchies

We LOVE these stretchies for bedtime. They fit snugly so her feet stay in the right leg and they zip on and off with ease. We got her 5 pair, 3 for now and 2 for under the tree. She's likely to wear these for quite awhile now that she is officially wearing some 12 months stuff!!!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I love this book. I got it in a small size and I am sure that she will enjoy learning numbers by flipping through. A classic.

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament for her stocking

A family tradition continues. Each year we looked forward to what new keepsake ornament we would have to remember the year by. When I was away at Disney and missed Christmas with my family, my mother found a Mickey ornament for me, while I purchased ornaments from the countries around Epcot for her. We both wanted to remember 1998 and the holiday when I was away from home. I want to continue that tradition for Caroline. Someday she will leave home, just as I did, with a box of keepsakes for her own tree. I hope she enjoys remembering all the years past as I do.

What is on your list for the little ones in your life???


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