Unplanned third night away

Steve left Albany this afternoon just after noontime. When I spoke to him at nearly 3pm to inform him that Caroline and I had arrived safely home he was still in the Berkshires. Caroline fell asleep, I attempted to shovel because the snow was shifting to an icy mix and by the time I was shaking off my gloves and peeling off my boots he called again to let me know he was just arriving in the Springfield area.

He was tired, he could hardly see out of his windshield because it kept freezing, and he was more than 3 hours into a ride that should already have been over. Like a beacon of hope, I looked at my missed calls and saw that my mother had also phoned while I was out swinging my shovel. It was her early day at work and she would surely be home! A quick confirmation call and I was back on the horn with Steve who was mere moments from pulling off the highway and finding a hotel for the night.

Getting off the road seemed more important and much safer than getting home, so he was off to my parents' house for the remainder of the storm, which ended up being overnight, which was so incredibly wonderful. At least we thought he was headed there, turns out he was heading north and had some considerable ground to make up. Poor Steve.

I talked him through the rest of his ride, offering whatever support I could. He finally understands my fear of hills in the snow. He got stuck trying to go up, went around to the other side, still couldn't make it and ended up parking in a neighbors driveway until the plows came by to create a bit more traction for him. He did eventually make it up and into the driveway, but he didn't actually arrive until nearly 5 pm. When we were looking at houses he laughed when I would make comments about the incline of the street or the driveway. NOW HE KNOWS WHY =)

Turns out stopping was the very best thing he could have done because they completely closed the highway and he was getting messages from his team telling him that they were stuck on the highway being diverted off slowly. If he had not stopped he would have been in that mess too.

He will start back south again first thing in the morning and with any luck he'll be here before Caroline's breakfast.

We didn't plan on this last night, but we should have seen it coming. Staples is 4 for 4 with winter weather related madness during a conference. Unfortunately for Steve and his team, they were not sipping drinks in Vegas or on South Beach this time around. People, get your tickets now and get yourself someplace sunny for the conference in March. I know I won't be hanging around.

OH, and poor Caroline. I think she has had it with her mother and is ready for her Daddy to come home. Mommy makes her eat her green beans and doesn't sit with her in a way that enables her to execute her climbing skills in quite the same way Daddy does.


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