Brush your hair

Our holiday baby friendly get together hit the skids, so we bagged it with intentions to try again next year. We were lucky enough to utilize an invite from our great neighbors to head over to their place for some New Year's Eve libations and fried pickles, which were TREMENDOUS! Caroline was perfection at their place allowing us to stay out until after 9pm. We tried to head back once we got her to sleep, but alas the monitor sketched out at the hedges preventing us from another round. We actually made it to midnight, barely, toasted in the new year with some presecco in the glasses from our wedding, and watched our neighbors across the way light off fireworks in their front yard.

Caroline woke us promptly at 6:30 and through some miracle played for only a few minutes before I spotted a stealth eye rub. I launched into row row row your boat asap and with some gentle rocking and a properly placed pillow the little miss blessed her pooped parents with TWO, count 'em TWO, additional hours of sleep. I guess it was a late night for her too? It was the first time she's snoozed with us in the morning in months. When Caroline woke up next to me, smiled the biggest gummy grin, and rested her ridiculously sweaty head on my shoulder I smiled too. What better way to start the new year off with that smile and a little cuddle bug snuggling with you. She must have been happy because she kept snuggling with me and smiling until it was time to get up and make croissant french toast. YUM.

There have been a couple minor "learning to stand" injuries these past few days, but none seem too serious. Caroline is full of curiosity and as she learns how to stand up and cruise along for things just out of her reach she often moves faster than we can to catch her. Nothing a little Aquafor can't fix.

Last night she discovered my hair brush while I was drying my hair. I showed her how to brush Mommy's hair and then we together gently brushed hers too. This morning she found it again and dazzled us by brushing her hair a few times. We also think she signed "all done" while her and I were splitting an apple. She was far more interested in the top of the coffee table, so she waved her arms and walked away. AMAZING! She has been walking on her knees behind her little stride to ride toy. She continues to enjoy taking out and putting in and now applies it to cheerios, blocks, laundry and just about anything she can take out, put down, pick up and put back.

We all watched the Tournament of Roses Parade together and she was so comfy sitting between us all cozy under her blanket, that she dozed off for a little cat nap on Daddy.

If this morning is any indication of the kind of year 2008 will be, I would say we are in for lots of discoveries, our fair share of boo boos, and lots of quiet family times together just the three of us.


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