An Evolution of Eating

Yesterday was Day 1 of those new Nuby cups at school. We have been "practicing" with them at home for awhile now and so on Tuesday I brought her to school with three bottles and her cup. The plan was to pour one of the bottles into the cup at some point in the morning. According to Sara and Michelle she drank it so well and so quickly that it was almost like they turned their back and the cup was empty. Woah! I suppose that since she has been used to a pretty slow flow it must have wild to be able to just gulp it right down, but that is just what she did. The notes from school said she did "GREAT!" with her cup, "drank it all!"

I called yesterday afternoon just before I left work to get the lowdown on the cup situation and see what if any changes the girls were recommending for today. Michelle relayed the news and encouraged me to start bringing in more non-baby foods. According to Michelle, Caroline is doing really well with her eating and they think she is ready for most foods now. Since she has been doing so well eating they want to encourage her to keep going and trying new things. Her words were to bring things like "pizza, hot dogs, peas and carrots, chunkier sweet potatoes." I think we will pass on pizza and hot dogs - not much redeeming nutrition in those things, though a little English muffin pizza with sauce and cheese wouldn't be too bad now that I think about it. We have been sharing my morning English Muffin lately and she really seems to be enjoying that. In fact, she wants bites of everything we eat now. If I can get her to try new and good for her things just by putting them to my lips, fabulous. I am sure this will become a pain later when she wants to share food all the time, but one thing at a time.

I had a little trouble wrapping my head around the food thing. I even asked Michelle on the phone, "are we really doing this?" It seems surreal mostly because Caroline STILL has not one tooth, but I need to rationalize that any teeth she did have would not really assist her in the chewing department. Her gums are actually hard enough and strong enough to mush most things.

So I leaped head first and for dinner last night she had some of what I was having along with some peas and chunkier sweet potato dices that seemed way to big to me, but that she handled just fine. We even trialed some tortellini, which was a big hit. She LOVED the turkey chop suey I had for dinner, which was actually a pretty healthy meal; ground turkey, an onion, some spices, whole grain rotini, crushed tomatoes. I caught myself holding my breath when she picked up a piece of rotini that I typically would have pulled apart into itty bitty pieces, but she handled it just fine. I think it wasn't until we were actually done with dinner that I took another breath.

Today for school she has some of the chop suey, big chunks of sweet potatoes, peas, yogurt, and half of a banana. Back when she started school I was packing milk, then a myriad of carefully prepared purees, then more challenging and annoying to prepare chunkier options, pulverized pieces of vegetables and fruits, organic jarred options, yogurt, and suddenly last night I found myself packing up a little dish of leftovers from the family meal. What an evolution...


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