games Caroline plays

Peek a Boo

If there is a blanket within her reach Caroline holds it up to cover her face. This is not a one person game, your very important role in the game is to say "peek a boo!" She drops her hands. Repeat. She does this in her car seat, sitting on the floor, on our laps, pretty much anywhere there is a cuddly blanket present.

What's in the tissue box?

We recently finished up a box of Kleenex and when we replaced it with a shiny new box, I left the empty one on the floor thinking she might play with it. I put the "top" of the new box into the old one and thus began a new game, "What's in the tissue box?" She took the liberty of adding her Learning Home Key to the box, along with several Cheerios, a ball, and her giraffe. I bet you can guess what she does with this. Put it in, take it out, excited squeal, put it back in, take it out, excited squeal and so forth. I added in a washcloth and that was the hit of the century because she was able to combine what's in the tissue box with peek a boo. Ten solid minutes of entertainment.

Caroline is also very keen on following directions. We keep a little bag (actually it's the bag my slippers came in) on my night table and it is full of fun things to keep her entertained during the morning rush; empty toothpaste and soap boxes, monkey, taggie book, duck chime. I used to just keep them willy nilly on my table, but this seemed much more organized AND yup, another opportunity for put in and take out fun. So as I gathered up all the bag contents this morning she was not quite ready to relinquish her toothpaste box. I said to her let's put the box in the bag for tomorrow, pointing to the box and the bag. With a little assistance from me to get the box all the way in, she put the box away and crawled off to other things leaving me open mouthed and astonished.

How long will it be I wonder before Steve can say, "Caroline, how bout a beer for your Daddy?" KIDDING aside, she is obviously understanding WAY more than we are giving her credit for. Lately all we have to do is show her how to do something and there she is doing it on her own, or at least putting in a valiant effort.

On the eating front - there was a small booting episode at school yesterday. Her tummy is learning how to cope with the new foods we are offering. She is now exclusively drinking from her cup at school. They just kept offering it and she kept taking it, no complaints! So I send an empty bottle in just in case with full medela bottles to be doled out into the cup. So SO much easier. Is it possible we are done with the bottle? Could it really have been just that easy??

I am finding that my milk production is really slowing down and no amount of pumping seems to be helping. I am not all that concerned at this point because I know it isn't for lack of trying and the girls at school seem to think that she is in a process of phasing me out anyway, so good timing all around.

A new feature - Maybe the other moms can give me some fresh ideas and for those not breaking kids into the great big world of real food, it might be interesting to read.

What is Caroline eating today?


Split an English Muffin with Mom before school - Dad notes that Mom doesn't give big enough pieces. Um, is it possible he is insinuating that I don't share?

Sent to School with:

Yobaby Yogurt
Pirate Booty
Sweet Potato chunks
Grilled Cheese with green bean puree cut into tiny triangles
Jar of Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
Shredded Cheese


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