Phase out milk, phase in mommycentricness

First things first~

Jesse and Amy welcomed little Sam in the wee hours of Sunday

First reports from the new Dad indicate that everyone is doing well and the photos are simply adorable. He has a full head of dark hair! Sam's shower was this Saturday afternoon and I guess all the fun and laughter helped him decide that enough was enough, he wanted to join in the excitement! CONGRATULATIONS!!! We cannot wait to meet him!!

Other weekend highlights:

... special time with Kiki during one scary thunderstorm

... visit with the Arnold Family and sweater distribution (I knit the twins each a new little sweater with sailboat buttons for John and turtle buttons for Henry)

... dinner with the McShinos and Flynnewskis and one very loud group of women

... Amy's baby shower (a mere 12 hours before her son's birth!)

... leisurely drive with Kelly to CT talking about weddings and the Corona commercial allure of Aruba

... Archie Moore's wings with Marc

... hangover cure croissant french toast

Yesterday Caroline and I ran to the doctor for a last minute appointment because she woke up with her left ear all scraped up from her nails and she was pulling on it again. Pedi reports that her ears are no longer bulging, just some fluid, and that they both appear to be in a process of healing. She encouraged me to keep careful watch, but no new meds.

We trotted off to the brand new BJs here in town after the appointment to pick up necessities and later when I arrived home and was unpacking the trunk I saw that there was a huge scrape in the back corner of my bumper!?!? WHAT?!?! I don't know if this happened at the pediatrician or the BJ lot, but cmon! I cannot freakin' believe it. Luckily we have not had the other bumper scraping incident repaired yet due to scheduling difficulties. Saying I was livid is an understatement, but I was able to remain calm because I know it will get fixed with the other damage. In the meantime, I will seek out the bulls eye which surely must be hidden somewhere on the rear left side of my car. What are the odds of this happening really???

Caroline is at school today with a warning from me that she has become a Cling On. She is all Mommy all the time and yesterday she wouldn't let me out of her sights for a moment. I know she isn't feeling 100% and I am sure that is part of it, but I cannot help but wonder where this mommycentricness (yes, I made that up and I rather like it!) is coming from.

We are after all beginning the road to non-nursing land, where cups are full of whole milk and even Daddy can participate in morning and night time snacks. After 4 days off work and 8 pumping opportunities I had barely enough for her 3 milk cups this morning. Sara and Michelle both agree that topping off her bottles with a little whole milk is ok and so Wednesday's milk cups will include a as much as is necessary to satisfy her. When I first wrote about this it all seemed like it would take so much longer, baby steps, one thing at a time, but I am finding that it is progressing really fast! She is already taking all her milk at school from a cup. I suspect that all her school milk will be cows milk mid week next week. That will leave us just with the morning and evening to contend with and I don't know if Caroline will want to keep those around for awhile or not, we'll have to see.

Mornings have become more of a cuddlefest than an instant feeding frenzy. She will snuggle with me in bed for about ten minutes before she makes it very obvious that she is done with snuggling, please bring on breakfast. This weekend when I was home with her I tried to not look at the clock, to follow Caroline's lead and she actually phased out an entire meal, which is great! When she gives me the thumbs up, I haven't denied her, but I have noticed it has been great lengths of time since her last meal with me, often close to 7 hours or more. Perhaps I am being a little presumptuous to assume that the mommycentricness is due to the process of phasing out mommy that we are embarking on, but it seems to me that she is trying to find other ways to be physically close to me and please, who doesn't like a baby climbing up to lay her little lavender fresh head on their shoulder?

Did I mention she hugs? Caroline hugs her bears, toys, and even people. Like all her other tricks, this one doesn't always happen on command, but when it does and you feel those little arms squeezing your neck, it's pretty awesome to be able to hug her back.


I forgot to include the new eating section.

What's on the menu today?

Yobaby Yogurt

Jar of cereal and fruit

Shredded cheese

three chicken nuggets

quartered grapes

Pirate Booty


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