Please don't touch mommy's snot rag!

My little cold has catapulted to a full blown sneeze, hack, and sniff fest. I am sure that it is only a matter of time before poor Caroline catches this from me and then we will once again trod down the road of snootiness and ear infections. I have been trying to wash my hands more than normal, to avoid touching my face when possible, and to keep her from grabbing my icky tissues. I learned at school this morning that Hannah is sporting a stuffy nose of her own and I accepted there on the spot that my own baby will soon join her. A girl can only resist so many disgusting germs before her body raises the white flag and surrenders and Caroline is being hit from both sides.

On the upside, I am on my way to see Heather and get my hair done today over lunch. I hope she doesn't mind my drippy nose too much and I hope that the new do will give me a much needed pick me up.

Our exciting evening consists of warm broth from a mug, a take out pizza, and another early bedtime. Steve has to pack and set the alarm for an ungodly hour to make his flight. We have swimming on Friday morning and I am hopeful that we will be able to go, if for nothing else than to get us out of the house.


What is Caroline Eating Today?

English Muffin "Pizza"
Mac and Cheese

Turkey Meatball for dinner with whole grain bread and cheese


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