Post Holiday Video Catch Up

Some snippets of our recent life...

A few notes -

The amazing magic of Christmas morning... there are no real words for it.

Why oh WHY does it seem that I am always wearing my scrubs in ALL the family videos. Perhaps I need a scrub intervention? I love my scrubs. Scrubs = most comfy thing ever.

Since the holidays we have seen Caroline's various motor skills and comprehension increase two fold. She knows how to use all her toys (as you will see) and even understands and is able to follow many verbal commands like "put the mail in the mailbox" or "throw the ball to Mommy." It is SO FUN!

While I still cannot believe I am posting a video of myself playing with her under a blanket, (highly embarrassing) she absolutely loves it and I want to save this one, if even just for me.

Behold the belly laugh and also ticklish little baby thighs.

Someone please explain this new silly gum grin Caroline is doing? She literally puts her gums together, throws her head back, and closes her eyes. She must have learned it at daycare (wink, wink)

Did we mention she loves her Stride to Ride? Yeah, she pretty much loves it. We spend at least 10 minutes a night with her walking on her knees behind it between us, back and forth back and forth.

Without further ado...

Christmas Morning - The Learning Home - a big hit

Stride to Ride 1

Blanket With Mommy

Bouncing Ticklish Caro

Off On Off On - followed by distraction by snack cup (a constant distraction)

Smiley Caroline

Speed Racer


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