Teeth like me, or teeth like you?

All quiet on the teething front, at least for now.

We all slept last night and Caroline even slept in this morning until just after 7, allowing me the ability to shower, get dressed, apply blush and lipstick, and prepare all our collective lunches before she opened her eyes. She barely slept a wink at school yesterday and was so tired when we got home that she could barely keep her eyes open. Her parents were equally tired and were in bed by 8:30. The only newsworthy item is that I woke up with a stuffy nose and a scratchy throat. Joy. And just before Steve heads off to Vegas, baby.

In an effort to get a better handle on this teething business, I asked my mother about how my brother and I coped with this teething business. She recalled that I got my first tooth around my first birthday and that she sort of stumbled onto it one day when I smiled at her while standing in the bathtub. Information from Steve's family points to earlier dental presence, but with difficult and painful teething. She seems to be following what was teething protocol for Steve and the aunties; go to bed with ease, fool parents into thinking teeth are feeling better, wait for them to juuuussstt get into a deep sleep and awaken them between 11 and 12 in absolute agony. So Miss Caro seems to have my teething timetable and Steve's teething experience. Poor Girl, but interesting isn't it?

I am hopeful that as each tooth makes its appearance it will bother her less and less, and not just because I would really like to sleep, but because it is the saddest thing to see your baby in such obvious pain and feel so helpless to do anything to make it better.

What's Caroline Eating Today?

Sweet Potato Fry Sticks
Whole Wheat Pancake
Chop Suey (she loved it last night, though some did end up being thrown onto the floor, yuck!)
Pirate Booty and Cheerios for snack
Whole Milk

Speaking of Milk, I sent in my second to last bag of frozen milk this morning. After Thursday there is no more stashed in the freezer. Someone suggested we water the whole milk down a bit because she is not used to drinking something so thick, so I think that will be the next plan of attack, but reports from school indicate that she is doing quite well with her milk cup. She doesn't do so well at home with me, but I half expected that. I haven't nursed her except for morning and bedtime in several days and even those sessions seem to be shortening. She is doing very well and I think we have a good pace going. I will just continue to follow her lead. She seems to like to be in control, I wonder where she gets that from?


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