Use your words

Initial reports from Steve indicate that my post earlier today was long and "too technical." He prefers it when I am "fun." Point taken.

Caroline seems to be cutting out her ride home nap as well, omitting it for the last two nights. This results in a slightly unhappy baby in the back seat. Perfect mother that I am, I listen to Howard Stern on the ride home, catching up with The News With Robin. Sue me. Report me. Think less of me. Whatever. This afternoon Caroline punched up her unhappiness a bit and seeing as how I do have the luxury of nearly 200 Sirius stations I searched for the kids stations. She quieted down. I questioned the kids music lulling abilities and put Howard back on, and discontent rose again. So it was kids music the rest of the ride home.

We heard a rousing version of the Hokey Pokey featuring verses utilizing "your nose" and "your back side." This next one was a blog entry begging to be written. "Use your words" by the Sippy Cups. I kid you not. It was about playing with your best friend and getting shoved and being so upset and angry that you forget to use your words. There were also references to a Super Hero Superpower somehow being related to using words as well. Hysterical.

So without further ado, some videos.

Belly laughs at bedtime

First Steps? Does this count??!?! We couldn't believe it!!!


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