You mean it's not an ear infection?

We were up most of Saturday night in what we thought was ear infection hell.

Caroline had a very small fever most of the day and we noticed there was some occasional ear pulling, which set off all our sirens and alarms. We were woken up before midnight to a very sad crying baby and after the normal routine of walking and singing, she spent the night with us. She was restless and in pain and she was doing the ear pull head hold move we have come to learn is usually the first sign that we will be making yet another contribution to our "copay" file. (A women I "know" has a son who has earned the nickname "Charlie Copay" for his frequent ear infections and it seems Miss Caro is on her way to earning herself a similar nickname.)

We were both utterly convinced that the previous ear infection had not cleared up, but had returned full blast and we could not wait until 9am to roll around to call the doctor and get the meds we all needed to sleep better Sunday night. In the meantime, we were up at 1, 3, 5 and then blissfully there was a reprieve until almost 8. I think we each slept about 4 hours. The only way she could get comfortable was lying horizontally with her head on my stomach and her knees bent up beneath her. It was peculiar, but it worked. We also stripped her down to her onesie and there were no sheets or covers because she felt like she was on fire despite the thermometer reading of 100.6.

Steve called the doctor right at 9am (his first call! go Steve!) and we were sitting in the office by 9:40. The doctor checked her over, listened to our harrowing tale of a sleepless Saturday night, and found not an ear infection, but a TOOTH! The ears still have some fluid, but no infection in sight. I suppose when you have been watching and waiting for teeth since JULY, you don't exactly think of teeth each and every time. I guess we are on too high an alert here, but I don't care about the copay, better safe than sorry, especially with little miss stealth ear infection.

Yesterday was better, no fever, better mood overall, though there were many slices of frozen bagel and lots and lots of hugs. This tooth business is tough. Caroline had very little appetite and absolutely shunned her zwiebeck toast. Today seems better already as the tooth seems to have officially made its appearance and with that there seems to be less discomfort overall, though the clinginess has been kicked up a few notches.

She slept right through last night, but I foresee a few more of these Saturday nights in our immediate future as we welcome more teeth.

What's Caroline Eating Today?


Hosgson's Mill Whole Wheat Pancake
Quartered Grapes


English Muffin Pizza
1/2 Banana shared with Mommy

Other new things we tried this weekend:

turkey meatballs, not a big fan, but it was Saturday before the tooth business so who knows

here she is with Daddy getting ready to cheer on Tommy


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