What day is it?

It feels an awful lot like last night was Saturday, probably because it was Saturday night all over again. Caroline fooled me into thinking that she was feeling much better during the day on Monday. Her appetite was back and she was her usual smiley self. There was a little pouting after her afternoon nap, so I gave her some frozen bagel slices to chew on and those seemed to help.

We opted (FOOLISHLY!) not to preemptively give her Motrin because she seemed to be feeling so much better and the tooth (lower middle left!) was definitely more visible. It is also by all reports very sharp, as she bit Steve's TOE. EWWW! Deep breaths Auntie k - hater of all things feet related! She was her normal smiley self and fell fast asleep just before 8. This was my decision, Steve practically had the Motrin drawn up, but I fear giving it when it isn't necessary, because hi, she has about 20 other teeth that are going to come in. How long would we have to give Motrin every night for?

Imagine our shock as we were awoken at 11:30 to absolutely desperate cries, which for some reason seemed much much worse than Saturday. She adamantly refused an oral inspection. Motrin was given, a frozen washcloth was refused, as was a frozen bagel slice I offered as a ploy to check out her gums. Once the medicine kicked in she was smiling and happy and playful even, not a yawn or eye rub in sight. Attempts to put her back to bed resulted in unhappiness and frustration, so we let her play and waited for the elusive eye rub. When it finally came, she was still not having it. We tried walking and tush tapping, singing, cuddling in bed, and then finally just put her in her crib. After several failed attempts, much back rubbing and shhhing, she finally blissfully closed her eyes. It was 2:30am.

She slept in this morning until almost 7:15, when Steve had to go wake her up. This gave her bleary eyed parents time to shower and get dressed. Stern warnings were handed out at school, who remarked on how tired her puffy little sleep-deprived face looked.

I have that "you need sleep" sore throat. Steve is wiped. Of course this is all happening while she is weaning, leaving me in some kind of a do I feed her or not purgatory.

Parenthood is such a guessing game. We have tried most of the remedies, though I have scratched buying Jack Daniels off the list of possibilities. What strategies would you suggest to calm, comfort, and get back to sleep? Should we let her play it out like we did last night? Put right back to bed after medicine despite wails of anguish?

It isn't all bad though. We enjoyed an absolutely lovely day just the girls yesterday at home. It would have been a support group Monday and it was so nice to run a couple errands and return home to read stories together under the warmth of a blanket. I even got 30 minutes on the elliptical, which seriously is the new guage of a good day at home. It used to be "I showered!" now it's "I worked out... for 30 minutes!!!"

What is Caroline Eating Today?

Whole wheat pancake (Sara looked at me funny, but then said, "ok, sounds good!" I think they think I am a nut. No really!)
Grapes and Kiwi
Chicken Nuggets
Sweet Potato fries (baked with olive oil and cinammon)

Yesterday she had her first English Muffin "pizza" with a whole wheat muffin, crushed tomatoes, and shredded cheese. It was messy, but she LOVED it! AND she totally loved her turkey meatball at dinner. Tonight's dinner - Chop Suey!


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