Why am I losing my voice?

Caroline and I are on the road to recovery. She seems to have picked up my cold, but in a much more mild form, which I am very VERY grateful for. We aren't quite out of the woods yet though. Steve had a great time in Vegas, "one of the most fun weekends in the last few years." Last night he started to lose his voice and looked at me and said "why am I losing my voice?" Umm, I don't know Steve, perhaps from utter exhaustion? On Saturday morning I sent him a good morning photo of Caroline that he received before he even went to sleep. I didn't hear from him until almost 4pm our time because they had all slept in. (I was just a TINY bit nervous!) Also, exhaustion sometimes happens when your flight is delayed 6 hours and you land at 4am on a work day. So he woke up this morning with some cold symptoms, but we have high hopes for a speedy recovery.

Caroline and I had wonderful weekend (if you take away the sickness part of course). We took a trip to IKEA and purchased a new organization and storage center for all her toys. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Our family room was becoming more of a toy haven than my anal organized self could stand (it was making me itch!) and no number of baskets or containers seemed to be doing the trick of keeping things looking tidy. It is a gift for everyone! Clean up is a breeze, even MORE put in and take out opportunities than before, and it created a cute little Caro corner in the room that is all her own. She likes to sit in her little rocking chair and flip through a book. Eventually I see this new piece being relocated to the basement which will someday be both man cave and playroom. Maybe as a room divider? I like that this piece is customizable too. There are three different sized tubs(you can also purchase shelf pieces)so as she grows and her needs change it can adapt. Maybe later she will need smaller tubs for art supplies? or bigger tubs for games and puzzles? Getting a bit ahead of myself here, she needs to master the stairs before that happens.

Though it does seem like she might want to get moving on the basement playroom too. We drove up to my parents' house on Saturday and no sooner was she crawling around their living room, than her attention went to the stairs. With close supervision she climbed all seven steps! Daddy wanted to see for himself and last night she treated him to a climbing expedition on our steps at home, all the way up to the first landing. She is a fast climber! She just doesn't know how to get down yet.

Caroline and I had fun with Nana and Granda and even got to celebrate my grandmother's 85th birthday with my father's family. No cake for Caroline yet, we're saving that for next weekend at her celebration. She even got to visit with Uncle Brett too. He came in Saturday night after work and spent all day Sunday with us. Caroline loved his dog Brodie, who was very tolerant of all her poking and chasing. Brodie quickly learned that the best seat in the house was beneath her high chair. It was nice to see my whole family all at once!

We had a scary situation yesterday afternoon. I can look back now and laugh. We were playing and I left her in the family room momentarily to refill her sippy cup. When I returned she was gone. G-O-N-E. Suddenly I heard her crying from her corner and when I walked over she was nowhere to be found? When she cried again I found her BEHIND THE COUCH. She must have crawled in from the other side, gotten all the way across, realized she couldn't get out because the furniture was blocking her in and tried to turn around, which got her stuck. I rescued her and after cleaning about a pound of cat hair off of her, because c'mon no one but the cat goes back there, so a vacuum sure isn't, she calmed down.

We are working hard to pull together the details for Caroline's birthday celebration. It is unimaginable that this time last year I was convinced she had set up permanent residence in my belly and she would NEVER come and here we are getting ready to light candles on her first birthday cake. Time has slipped away from us. Our little girl has seen all the seasons, all the months, and almost all the days of the year.

In tooth news - that little tooth is still giving us some trouble at times, but is also easily spotted in her mouth which is fun to see.

What's Caroline Eating Today?
Yobaby Yogurt
Strawberries and Peaches
Sweet Potato
English Muffin "Pizza"


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