Yolk on our face

Imagine yourself at a local restaurant, ordering a frosty beverage, attempting to relax and connect with your spouse all while chasing down your baby's wandering mouth to spoon in tender chicken and stars with applesauce. Now imagine this beautiful child batting your hand away and spilling the few remaining spoonfuls of said chicken and stars on the floor, and on herself, and oh yeah, in your diaper bag. Now imagine that your meal arrives and you treat your baby to a bit of the egg yolk from your salad, which she has never ever had before, and she LOVES IT, gobbles it right down happily. Imagine your surprise when she suddenly and without any seeming reason begins screaming at the top of her lungs, refuses to make eye contact, and cannot be soothed by walking, bouncing, going outside, or any number of other things we tried.

That was what our Friday night. I scooped her up from her high chair and took her out of the dining room and when I returned a few minutes later, Steve had just about finished his dinner and we switched off. I shoveled salad down my gullet so fast I knew I couldn't possibly be chewing. Suddenly there was Steve in the window requesting me to finish up, pay the bill, and get the heck outside. That frosty beverage I had so wanted to savor, went down in a handful of rather large gulps. I requested the salad to be wrapped, but regrettfuly abandoned my white take out box on the table after paying the check. My thoughts immediately turned to the egg yolk. Could an allergic reaction really happen that quickly?

Outside was pandemonium. This was not Caroline. Something was wrong. You could hear in her sobs that she so desperately wanted to calm herself, but she couldn't. Calls were made and thankfully the pediatrician was waiting for us at the office when we arrived 20 minutes later. It was not the egg yolk, but our poor baby's ears, bulging from yet another double ear infection. Our little girl has stealth ear infections. I made up that term because there are no signs save for an occasional ear pull. When I notice this tugging, I observe her closely for more ear pulling, and then it ceases and I dismiss my concerns. Caroline does not have difficulty sleeping when she has an ear infection, she eats normally, she is not cranky, she just suddenly and out of nowhere cannot take the pain anymore and then and ONLY then does she make her poor little ear infections known.

She is on a new antibiotic, a really strong one apparently, that we were told could cause some digestion issues. So she's been eating lots and lots of rice and bananas. We gave alternating doses of Tylenol and Motrin for the first 36 hours until the meds kicked in and since then she has been her usual typical perfect little self.

We have an appointment to check in on the infections in two weeks. I cannot help but wonder what the pediatrician must think when she sees Caroline with terrible ear infections and two doe eyed surprised parents looking back at her asking how this could be. I am sure it was there was no intent to embarass me, but as she inspected that first ear and turned to me and said "bulging," I could not help but feel small and so utterly STUPID for not realizing it sooner. I don't want to sway to the side of irrational, but from now on a sniffly snooty little nose combined with an ear pull of any kind is going to land us squarely in the doctor's office. Poor baby.


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