You, I want you!

My weaning appointment got postponed due to the weather on Monday. For the record, we didn't get a heck of a lot of anything really, but the schools down here cancelled preemptively so my appointment got bumped because the consultant's kids were home from school. I am going in this afternoon around lunchtime and I have a long list of questions.

Caroline slept on the way home from school. She woke up just before dinner and was badly in need of cuddles, but she didn't want them from Daddy, oh no, she wanted them from Mommy who was busy chopping up cauliflower. Holding babies and knives is obviously not a very good idea. I was trying to just keep going in hopes that she would be comforted by Steve, but when I looked over at her she had that telltale upside down pout face and pointed her little pointer finger at me with a whiny moan. How can I say no to that? I put down my knife, don't worry. I actually laughed because as soon as she was in my arms her thumb found its way to her mouth and her head was snuggled on my shoulder.

I shouldn't have laughed. It must be tough for Steve as we go through this transition and the only person she seems to ever want is me. I know if things were reversed I would probably bawl my eyes out each and every time he was able to calm and comfort her after my failed attempts. I think I laughed because he was convinced that it was her ears bothering her when she would not settle down, while I tried to convince him it was me. I still shouldn't have laughed. This preferred parent thing must have a cycle to it. There will surely be days to come that she will only want Daddy to hold her, to read her that bedtime story, to tuck her into bed and kiss her forehead. I know that he won't laugh while I bury my head into my pillow in anguish that she doesn't want me. I need to remember that kids are fickle and what they need and love one day, they refuse the next.

What is Caroline eating today?

Yobaby yogurt
an entire kiwi
Annie's Mac and Cheese
Shredded Cheese
Pirate Booty
oh and did I mention - Whole Milk - which I differentiated from the breastmilk by labeling it "moo!"


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