12 month check-up

Caroline had her 12 month check-up this morning.

The stats:

29 inches
19 lbs 1oz
head - still quite large at 85%

She did really well and tolerated the Q&A time where I got to sing her praises and ask my questions. We talked about Mexico and she gave me the name of the physician in their practice who specializes in international travel (? who knew?), but she actually received her Hep A vaccine today which may have been recommended had she not already gotten it. Speaking of vaccines, lordy, terrible. She had three; the MMR, varicella, and Hep A, and instead of in her chunky thighs they gave them in her arms. As if that was not terrible enough they had to do a CBC and hemoglobin which meant a toe stick and this sent poor Caro over the edge completely, but who can blame her really. She is still doing the post cry breathing asleep in her car seat. Still.

The only concerns I had were her size and words. I just needed reassurance from the doc that she is healthy etc and at this time since she is such a good and enthusiastic eater she has no concerns about her weight. She pointed out that the period of time when she was quite small back in the summer is probably still affecting her size today and that she is healthy and developmentally on track. The words we will keep at. She should probably have a couple of them at this point, but beyond mama and dada she doesn't, though she communicates with gestures and clearly understands and responds appropriately to commands like throw mommy the ball. We just need to keep at it with the naming of objects and she will get there.

All in all a good visit, save the red-faced tears and all the bugs bunny and daffy duck band aids stuck to her body.

We are off to swim. I hope she is up to it?


I almost forgot what I considered THE most exciting news. Caroline can scribble! I can (read should have been already duh!) offer her a crayon and some paper and let her go to town! There is a non-stop do not pass go plan to race to the store for fat crayons and a scrbble pad directly after swim. I cannot wait to hang her first masterpiece on the fridge.

What's Caroline Eating Today?

sweet potatoes
peas and carrots
grilled cheese with pea puree


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