All our bags are packed, we're ready to go...

Oh the humanity! Imagine our utter shock when our old standby method of travel involving one checked bag and two carry ons fell apart before our very eyes on Saturday night. Everytime I thought we had the packing mastered and were making headway I would remember another bag somewhere that needed to make its way somehow into our luggage.

Somewhere between how many diapers should we bring and can we safely pack this Motts 50 50 juice (aka 10:30 and 11:00pm) we came to the sad and also DUH moment that all new parents must come to when planning and packing for a week long trip to a foreign land... the old methods just ain't gonna cut it no mo'!

We thankfully were able to beg borrow and steal another large to be checked bag from my parents, who not only got the bag to us, but also met us for lunch at a delish restaurant near Hartford. GOD BLESS THEM! I am happy to report that the two bag solution worked like a charm and now I am just trying to negotiate the carry on back pack with all the diversions, snacks, and necessities. The last load of laundry of things to come is currently drying and we will be officially DONE packing.

With all this prep you would think we are leaving Monday or even Tuesday for that matter, but alas no - our flight takes off first thing Wednesday morning. Don't think it will be a cake walk between now and then, oh no, we must first get through packing the car and also Tuesday. Tuesday the big bosses are coming to Steve's office and as such he will be held captive there for the entire day with no hope whatsoever of getting an early release, in fact he might need to be there longer than usual. So we devised a plan where I will drop him off near a major highway to car pool with a coworker, then go home myself to complete the usual drop off/work routine, THEN pick up Caroline and immediately proceed to Steve's office where we will continue onward to my parents' house to be oh so much closer to our airline departure. THANK GOODNESS! I am tense just thinking about all this, but having the packing almost behind us has made me feel so much better about it all.

The only thing left to battle over is the carry on. The clothes have been debated and scaled down as far as they can go, but the diversions... how much is too much and how much is too little. I have scrounged every novel dollar item I can find, I have puffy stickers, crayons, books, snacks, a binky... How do I draw the line and yet not find myself in the air an hour in with NOT ONE NEW thing to entice her to stay seated and "da" quietly to herself?

And I forgot one minor detail. It was a fussy weekend at times and we were left questioning as usual - is this teething, the fever we heard about with the MMR, or could it be an ear infection? We decided to bite the bullet, pay the darn copay and just be safe and LORD - she has the beginnings of an ear infection - red in one ear, fluid in the other. So we started antibiotics, which we will need to bring with us and I am so relieved that we nipped that in the bud, but the ears. Man. I hope she can manage the take offs and descents.

I hope for at least one more post pre Mexico and then you'll have to wait silently and patiently for the photos and recap of our first major adventure!


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