And there was a wedding and sun and vallarta salads

Congratulations Choyfroccas!!!

We're HOME - barely. The trip was amazing and to get it out of the way now, so I can focus on all the great highlights and not the one dark cloud, our trip home left a bit to be desired. American canceled our flight due to mechanical issues with the plane itself. While I am glad that something terrible may have been averted by keeping our plane on Mexican soil, we very much wanted to find ourselves back on American soil yesterday. Steve sweet talked Alonso into routing us through Mexico City and while it made for a very long day that began before 8AM, we made it home to CT last night not long before midnight with all our luggage and sleeping baby intact. Caroline was exhausted, but she did amazingly well for a baby her age. A girl can only sit on a lap for so long.

Now that the details of yesterday are taken care of, I can brag about all the fun and sun we enjoyed perhaps a bit too much of in Mexico. Would it border on really REALLY mean of me if I tell that hearing of the massive snowstorm up in the Northeast made us enjoy our trip just a little bit more? It would? Would this photo make you hate me a bit less?

It would? =)

It was hot in the sun and the rays were really strong. Caroline managed to get just a bit burned under her eye where she likely rubbed the sunblock off and her parents both got pink noses and shoulders despite wearing SPF 45. We ate by the pool nearly everyday on wooden trays brought right to our side by Angel and Manual and enjoyed fresh salads and quesadillas served in bamboo steamers. Many a Pacifico and Corona were enjoyed with a few boat drinks tossed in for good measure. Does life get any better than sitting by the Pacific ocean on a lounge chair under an umbrella? It does when you also have a sleeping baby nestled next to you! Caroline rocked the beach/pool naps and I actually was able to read a good amount of my book - amazing. The weather was perfect; warm, hot in the sun at times, with just enough wind to cool you off. Mornings and evenings were a bit chillier, but that made for nice little walks to the nearby marina for breakfast or dinner. So all told, I think the McFamily enjoyed PV!

The wedding - the wedding was stunning! They kicked it off with a delicious meal at El Dorado in Old Town right on the beach for the rehearsal dinner complete with Mexican Coffee which was so SO good. Adrienne was perfection from her dress to her hair to her flip flopped foot which was all so unique and perfectly her. The Choyfroccas got hitched on a jetty right on the ocean at sunset. Mariachi played the grand exit and thoroughly entertained for the cocktail hour. I LOVED the pear margaritas with salt and chili seasoned rims! The wedding dinner was the most amazing mexican buffet ever and we enjoyed it by the sea on tables placed over grass mats surrounding a dance floor placed right over the sand. They chose a great first dance song, "wouldn't it be nice" by the Beach Boys and just as it was beginning to get to the end the lights dimmed and whoosh - there was an amazing firework display! It was like out of a movie, not just this dance, but the whole night. We feel so lucky to have been there and are so grateful not just to the special couple for the invitation, but also to Kiki and Papa who were so giving of their time and themselves to travel so SO far to watch Caroline. Thank you to them especially for making it possible for us to attend not just a simply amazing event, but an event that was special to us for who it was celebrating - two of our most favorite people.

...Two of our most favorite people who probably hadn't counted on starting their honeymoon with us on a flight with them to Mexico City, but two people who are certainly more than well-matched and destined for a lifetime of happiness together.


More photos are forthcoming! If you ever have the chance to go - Puerto Vallarta is worth the trip and was surprisingly family friendly!!


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