Anonomous haponomous - anonymity be gone!

We realized yesterday that in just TWO weeks - that's 14 DAYS - we will be jetting off south of the border for Adrienne and Mike's wedding! Can I just say - YIPEEE!!! Last night I looked though the vacation items we have gathered for Caroline and I must say I am pretty impressed with (ie insanely jealous of!) her resort wardrobe. Thanks be to Keeks my husband will also not only be dressed for this trip but well dressed. There are a couple items I need to fill in for myself and we should be good to go. Now if only I could figure out how to pack it all up. My fingers are already itching to write many list of things to pack, to do, and to organize. Have I mentioned before that I love lists?

I have been thinking most of today about how to discuss our weekend plans, mostly because I am not quite sure how to explain it. We are traveling north on Friday afternoon so that Caroline and I may attend a get together on Saturday. This get together is with some of the women I wrote about before (I tried to find the link to that post, but I can't!) whom I met when Steve and I were getting married way back in 2004. When I say met, I don't mean in person, but rather over a wedding message board. (are you still with me?) Within this group of women is a group of Moms. This is the second time the Moms will meet for a big baby playdate, we missed it the first time.

Steve asked me last night if I was apprehensive about meeting all these women AND their children especially since I have never met them before and I told him that it is really quite the opposite. I am ecstatic to FINALLY meet them! In fact, I wish I could meet ALL the women on this messageboard (not just the moms) because I feel that in many ways they know more about me than most people in the world and vice versa. This could prove to be very embarassing considering that I think I am much more interesting in written word than in person. Over the course of our engagement and marriage there have been several times when I have looked to these women to assist with things happening in my life that for whatever reason I could not look to anyone else for help with. I think there is something emboldening both with the near anonymity of the board and the bond which we have created where I feel like I can share so much more and admit that I have no clue what I am doing half the time (though I just admitted my absolute cluelessness here, go figure). I would like to think that this has not been a one way street and that perhaps I may have been helpful to some of the other posters too at some time. I just hope that this get together doesn't censor my commenting. Sometimes I really REALLY need those ladies. Their kids (including some of the commenters here - Terri, Emily, Jen - Charlie Co Pays Mom) are all just the cutest and I cannot wait to meet them in person and squish their little noses. Geez, I hope there are nametags.

So that is our plan. Up north on Friday, get together Saturday day, potentially seeing Kathryn and Matt (yay!) on Saturday afternoon, and then hopefully stopping off to visit with Uncle Brett on the way back home on Sunday.

I see snow in the forecast. Let's hope that doesn't distrub our carefully laid plans.


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