First Birthday in Review

It was a wonderful whirlwind birthday that in true McFamily tradition lasted much much longer than just one day.

Caroline's party was all about her favorite delicious snack trap treat ; Cheerios. Think Cheerio confetti, a "Caroline's Cheerio Party" sign made from cheerios glued to Cheerio yellow card stock, streamers made from cheerio shaped circles, an unbelievable Cheerio box cake created by Alicia, a guess how many Cheerio jar (congrats to Uncle Hokie for coming closest to the actual number of 738!), and a cereal bowl and spoon for holding cheerio shaped birthday wishes. Let's just say I embraced the theme and got in a bit over my head, but it all worked out somehow.

We were humbled that so many people drove so far to celebrate with our special girl. Doctor Dan even braved the road himself with his toddler and nearly 4 month old twin boys solo. The house was full and I don't know if there are many other things in life that delight a parent as much as seeing your child interacting with the people you consider the most special in the world.

We were particularly tickled to have Ryan Alexander and escorts in attendance . It had been way too long since our little ones had gotten together and he was an absolute delight. He's the little charmer you can see pictured in the first birthday album. What a sweetie pie!

The aunties and Uncle Hokie decided to make a night of it and stayed over until Sunday morning which gave us all a chance to chat, relearn the rules to an old college card game, and enjoy croissant french toast and cake for breakfast.

Caroline is one.

While we lit her candle on her little cupcake cake it hit me that when singing happy birthday to a child you always just join in when the song starts and this time Steve and I had to actually start it off. I don't know why, but that just struck me as strange as some wierd rite of passage or something. I didn't cry, but hearing the voices of so many saying "dear caroline" almost pushed me over.

On her actual birthday I wanted to take her somewhere fun, but she napped for a good long time in the morning and seemed like she was still pretty wiped from the weekend and a late night watching the game we will just continue to pretend never happened, 'k. Instead of forking over aquarium admission only to have her a. lose it or b. fall asleep, I altered our plans and we went to a local library to play in their "Baby Farm." I wish we had made the short drive down there sooner because she loved it! There were lot of other babies and she was having a great time until an older one grabbed her shoulder and tossed her aside. That was the end of the Baby Farm. Tired Caroline couldn't recover. From what I hear at school she might be on the smaller side, but she gets what she wants and fights for things just as fiercely as the other babies. Michelle told me today that when she and Hannah are fighting over a toy box that Caroline usually wins, even though Hannah is much much bigger. I have to laugh at that.

I made mini funfetti cupcakes for her classroom to enjoy today and they will sing to her again at school. So all told her birthday celebration has somehow lasted four days now.

We took the official one year photos with the bear on her actual birthday. What's the deal with the bear photos now? Should I continue taking photos monthly or at milestone months like 18 months or annually?


Lest I forget!

What's Caroline Eating Today?

Nutri Grain Waffle
English Muffin "pizza"
Cheddar cheese

and FUNFETTI mini cupcake

I might offer her some of our chili tonight - it is pretty flavorful so not so sure it will go over, but a little intro to chili won't hurt her


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