Lincoln would be proud

We had a great time this weekend meeting the other "beanie babies" and it was such an experience to meet the women that I have come to confide in after all these years. It was wierd to me that it all seemed so natural and normal and I felt that I was attending a gathering (or even a reunion?) of old friends and not people I had never met before. We were so glad that we were able to attend and Caroline and I are definitely looking forward to the next get together.

Other weekend highlights included...

...a visit with Kathryn and Matt who amen have Steve completely craving brie - thank you Kathryn! They were so sweet to our Caro and she even created a crayola masterpiece for their fridge

... a yummy dinner with Sean and Courtney that included the most delish hummus ever... who knew Deadfield offered such delights? We always enjoy reconnecting with them

... Sunday with the ENTIRE Western MA fam including the puggle pups in an effort to help my mother and offer support to Granda re his wounded wing circa a fender bender last week. He seems to be getting along ok, though he does feel like a "caged beast" not being able to be as independent as he would like. More to follow on his wrist I am sure.

Today is Lincoln's birthday, so I am home all by myself today!

So with the whole day to yourself and an empty house to spend it in what would you do? I have been non-stop since I arrived home from dropping Caroline at school. I cleaned up the last remaining evidence of a birthday party (boxes and table pads) and am now tackling the upstairs including scrubbing the tub and washing all the floors. My goal for the rest of the morning is to finish my clean spree, "pack" Caroline for Mexico, organize myself for Mexico, create a list of things I need to gather, locate, or purchase for the trip, work out on the elliptical perhaps with a bit of DVRd this morning yoga and SHOWER. All this must be completed before 12:30 when I need to leave the house for a doctor's appointment. I have a couple errands to run while I am out and then I will be picking up her highness on the way home. Remember when days off meant staying in pjs and eating cereal in bed? Or when it included ridiculous daytime tv? Now I am fired up at the prospect of a roof to basement house clean, a work out, and a shower oh and let's not forget the packing and the list writing.

Happy Birthday Lincoln! Wouldn't he be proud of my gusto?


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