rain rain go away and please don't even think about icing over

Seems that just about everything was delayed or canceled this morning. Even Caroline's center had a two hour delay. So I called my boss and explained the delay and warned her that for at least an hour or two we would have to manage Caroline in the office (she couldn't be happier!). Over two hours later she is still here with me, now napping nicely, and we have plans to make a determination when she wakes up because bringing her means going out in the freezing rain, coming back in the freezing rain and doing it all over again at 4. I could go either way on this one. What really concerns me most is the flooding, there is terrible flooding out there today.

How did everyone else fare in this winter storm? It has been a long long time since we had any of the white stuff down here and I am beginning to think that the delay and cancelation gurus are taking on the mindset of oh I don't know Virginia maybe? They absolutely FREAK out when the threat of snow or ice exists. Though we would like to return to our MA roots someday, we do sit pretty for most of the winter with very little accumulations and are often stunned when we take rides north to be driving through a winter wonderland. "Oh yeah, it IS winter, huh. I almost forgot." Living here is like living in stereotypical New England; cute towns, foliage, yankee spirit, but without the misery of endless winter weather.

What's Caroline Eating Today?

Well, if she stays with me, she's eating anything I can manage to get into her mouth, but otherwise the plan is...

Chicken Nuggets
Sweet Potato wedges
Whole Kiwi
Zucchini and Squash (previously hated with the heat of a thousand suns and now miraculously adores)
Raisins (are these ok? they make me really nervous, but I am trying them out for PV!)
Motts Tots 50 50 Apple


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