Some firsts courtesy of Mexico and various airports...

No international trip would be complete without a list of firsts completed along the way...

... Plane ride (slept take off and landing on the way there, not so much on the way home, but there were two short naps in each of the first two flights midway to landing. The last flight included one brief terrible moment when Caroline screamed so loudly in the first row behind first class that the stew - "Neilese" for flight attendent - came over and practically shoved the baby bag in our face with that do whatever you have to immediately look and tone in her voice and she somehow by the grace of all that is holy on earth and air fell magically asleep for the entire flight - amen)
... International travel and trip through customs
... Cab ride sans car seat (Our flights were all overbooked and there never would have been a seat necessitating a gate check of the seat. The Mexican cabs look ill equipped to handle it - so we are happy to accept any bad parenting awards people might hand out on account of the carseatless 5 minute ride which was so easy without the seat, painless, and remarkably injury free)
... hotel stay (they provided a pack n play in each room! and while we are talking about the room, special shout out to Kiks and Steve for inquiring at the desk about getting our rooms closer together - we ended up higher up and ocean view - you rock our vacationing worlds!)
... Dip in the Pacific ocean (toes only I think?)
... swim in an outdoor pool
... nap on a lounge chair
... new foods (some we're proud of an some we're not, the kid had to eat and there was only so much Veggie Booty, raisins, and cheerios a girl could eat): mexican whole milk (is it different than ours?), Yoplait smoothies, french fries, chicken tenders, tortilla chips, plain tortillas, hash browns, mango, watermelon, guacamole, quesadilla, lots of toast with cheese (didn't know how to make grilled cheese), her first McDonald's cheeseburger at Dallas/Ft. Worth, and many many tastes of just about everything on our plates which has totally backfired and made her a squirming wreck at meals pointing and whining for tastes from our plates even when it is exactly the SAME
... shakes head no
... bounces and sort of dances when you nod your head up and down
... says in her own language "all done" and "thank you"
... stamp on her shiny new passport
... listened to ipod, but lost interest quickly
... furrows brow

Caroline is still cruising around and while not quite walking will willingly put her feet down and walk with assistance, which prior to this trip hardly ever happened at all.

The McFamily is just coming out from under the most massive pile of laundry I have ever seen.

Remarkably Caroline has been adjusting really well to life at home. She slept until just after 7 this morning and went down relatively easy last night around 8. Steve is up in MA this afternoon for a "team meeting" (bowling at Kings) so us girls are on our own tonight and will be enjoying grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for our easy dinner. I just cannot force myself to cook anything interesting this week. I considered it a great success that she has milk, fruits and veggies for school. Her newest love - canned green beans. She hated them fresh and frozen, but toss in that slightly tinny taste and wham, best food ever. There are things I have learned NOT to question and this dear readers is one of them. Girl wants canned beans, canned beans she shall have!

What is Caroline Eating Today?

Whole Grain Waffle
Green Beans
Roasted chicken
Veggie Booty


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