Tuesday - "Toofday"

Reports from school indicate that Caroline enjoyed playing with her funfetti cupcake, but not ingesting it. Evidence is mounting that Miss Michelle joined in on the funfetti fun herself, four times.

Turning one is magical in other ways beyond reflection and the mindboggling lightening speed of time. It has also opened up all the tentatively closed doors in the eating department. I know that tooth won't help her chew, but somehow I feel better about giving her more challenging foods now that it has made its arrival and she is past the year mark. Caroline's birthday ushered in a wave of bravery in her parents who last night placed in front of her a bowl of chili and a spoon at dinner time. Can we please discuss the spoon?

I know the importance of her learning how to eat with utensils, but the painful slow speed with which she is able to execute self feeding with a spoon is just a bit more than I can handle most nights. Before the chili there was hearty bread with hummus and sweet potato fry sticks to enjoy, so I know she got SOME nutrition, but the chili, oh it was PAINFUL. Caroline knows just what the spoon is for, this is the good news. She picked it up and moved it right over to the bowl for a dip, but she was unable to retrieve the goods and get them to her mouth more than a few times. I suppose I should be singing her praises, but see, it was CHILI, and chili is both messy and "stainy." All attempts to load the spoon for her resulted in a total freak out and the spoon being flung behind her head, its contents landing either on the floor, in her hair, or stuck to her chair. It was awesome. This is toddler eating, I know I need to get over myself, but why Kerri, why chili????

She picked at her meal, refusing additional bites of bread and even her milk. This should have been our big warning, but oh no. You Moms of course know exactly what that means right? After dinner clean up was a bit more intense than usual and my next day lunch prep took a bit longer too. During this time poor Miss Caroline was unhappy and some Hyland's teething tabs were necessary. Steve suggested Motrin right there on the spot, but I scoffed that she would be ok. You see a second tooth began to make its appearance on Super Bowl Sunday, with much less drama and fanfare than the first, so I thought she might just be a bit uncomfortable. I was SO WRONG. wrong wrong wrong.

I attempted to put her down without nursing last night and that was clearly NOT happening because poor Caroline's second evil tooth was causing major discomfort. There was Motrin, a frozen bagel slice (these work like magic!), some comforting and eventually she fell asleep, just before 9pm, an hour after bedtime began. It was not nearly as bad as it could be, but for the love of jebus, when WHEN will I learn; baby refusing food and requiring tabs needs Motrin before bed.

It isn't all doom and gloom! She slept through beautifully once she got there and I haven't wanted to say it "out loud" but her new wake up time seems to be edging ever closer to 7am. I cannot emphasize enough how blissful that extra 20 minutes of sleep is, how nice it is to take my time in the shower (I even was able to exfoliate my face this morning!), and even dry my hair after said shower all before my baby duty begins. Steve to his credit has been getting her dressed and ready for the day while I accomplish all these tasks.

The biggest news of all is that there was no morning nursing today. We went from operation what will mom wear today (khakis, white button down, and light blue pony sweater) to kitchen with no fussing or grabbiness and she split some waffles and a hard boiled egg with me for breakfast. Note to self and to other moms - the hard boiled egg is a wonderful source of protein, but is not so nice to your highchair/floor/baby's outfit. It was like yolky glue in the corners of my highchair this morning... but yay for skipping the morning session!

What's Caroline Eating Today?

Nutri Grain Waffle
1/2 hard boiled egg
Sweet Potato Sticks
Chicken Nuggets

Dinner will be another spoon attempt with some chicken pot pie along with some yellow squash and zucchini (cooked last night with some olive oil, salt, and pepper), and a bisquit.


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