Ahh daa

Steve woke up an an ungodly hour this morning to make his flight to Las Vegas for his company's annual global sales meeting. I set the alarm last night for 3:45 and 4:00 per his request, but this morning at 3:45 I didn't even skip a beat in snoozing and went right back to slumber. See from WAY WAY back the alarm is only allowed on my side of the bed because he has a habit of turning it off in his sleep. He goes right past snooze to off. I am a total snooze abuser and I don't even begin to wake up until after at least two snoozes. So even though I didn't need to get up this morning and certainly NOT at 3:45, in order to prevent a serious sleep in catastrophe of epic proportions, I agreed to doing the waking. When that alarm buzzed 9 minutes later, I briefly snoozed and rolled over only to suddenly open my eyes wide and sit straight up because KI had caught sight of his suitcase while wailing on the snooze buttong. YIKES it was now 3:54. SERIOUS whoops on my part, but I am sure if you ask him he would not even know that I didn't wake him at 3:45.

Steve just phoned to let us know that he landed and while it was a bouncy flight, he says he left his seat at one point the turbulence was so bad, he is there and getting his bag and on his way.

We had an eventful morning when Caroline woke up with an extremely wet heavy diaper that caused her rash to flare up to practically where we started two weeks ago. She tried to hold me hands to prevent them from rubbing on the ointment and her teary sad eyes broke my heart into a million pieces. I called the doctor as soon as 9am rolled around. We saw her at 9:30 and she confirmed that the yeast is still present and offered her sympathies. Her son has a terrible rash too at the moment that they can't seem to shake either. We shared a eyes pooling over moment about how helpless and awful it feels to have to hold your child forcibly down to change their diaper while they beg you to stop. Her son says ba, boo, no and my daughter says ahh- dahn. It was a humanizing experience, does that make sense?

She is our doctor, the one we look to for guidance, the one I find it hard to feel not judged by, and yet here she is in the same circular pattern with a rash. I knew she was a Mom, I knew she had a young child not much older than Caroline, but to see her emotion, to see her react when my eyes pooled over in such a sympathetic you're not alone way seemed to erase the disparity between us in my eyes. Doctor does not equal perfect parent nor does it mean she is magically able to erase a terrible yeast infection either. Somehow that makes me feel better.

So new treatment - a new anti-fungal cream, lots of naked time, try the triple paste again, alternate between anti-fungal and diaper creams and eliminate the stacking of creams, also lots of hugs and kisses and echoes of "all done."

What about the weekend? Well, the weekend was pretty restful, with lots and lots of attention to the kitchen renovation. We are planning more of an "update" than a complete overhaul. We are keeping our cabinets, perhaps adding a new piece of cabinetry where an existing "desk" now lives (if we can find a good match), replacing the pink laminate countertop with something a bit more modern, tiling the cannot possibly get it clean floor, adding a tile backsplash, and replacing two major appliances. It is exciting BUT overwhelming!

Caroline is waking up - we have an afternoon of diaperless fun planned.


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