Cake Icing Diaper Cream

The McFamily had a great weekend down in the City of Brotherly Love with Tasha and Tony. We got up Saturday morning, had breakfast and loaded Caroline into the car for the exactly three hour ride to PA. She slept until the third rest stop on the Jersey Turnpike (Molly Pitcher? I think?) and then amused herself with books, an empty ice tea bottle, cheerios, and a Dentyne gum box until we officially arrived at Chateau T and T. We had such a nice visit with lots of time for talking and Old School watching. Did I mention there was Yuengling? She tired herself out on Sunday before we left playing with their puggle Fletch and many successful attempts at a handful of steps at a time. Caroline slept until just past the George Washington Bridge and was fairly amused in the car for the stretch of parkways between us and home, just about an hour. Thanks T and T for a great weekend, we cannot imagine that the next time we see you your family of 2 (plus Fletch of course) will be a family of 3! Can't wait to meet TJ!!!

So the steps... Caroline is still fairly uncertain of herself (she spends a lot of time standing solo) and seems unconvinced overall that walking is really the preferred method of ambulation for most humans. She will take several steps in a row to Mommy, not usually to Daddy still (but we are working on it), and a fav activity is is walking with her stride to ride toy back and forth between the couch and wall. We noticed that when she walks with it she does not seem to be RUNNING behind it anymore which means she is not using it as much for support as she used to. She took major steps while we were in Philly this weekend, maybe because the new surrounding and puggle were a distraction? Sara said she has never seen her walk and that they try often to stand her up, but that she gets jello legs immediately. We did a demo at drop off this morning, using Mommy's car keys as bait, and she walked four or five steps into my arms and Sara was speechless. I told Sara that she could feel free to divulge any and all walking news because we see that she is taking some steps and is on her way and it wouldn't CRUSH me to hear that she had been walking all morning like it would have a couple days ago. She is on her way and when she decides she is ready she is going to be off and running. We will just wait patiently until then, but playing Walk to Mommy is such a fun game that I don't see us stopping that anytime soon.

Can we talk about diaper rashes please? We have a terrible awful one right now, likely courtesy of evil antibiotic that I loathe. We noticed it starting late last week and it was AWFUL, made her cry when we touched her and resulted in her saying "all done" (ahh daa in Caro-ese) halfway through the change. If she had words they would have been "please for the love of god, I am ALL DONE people!!!" It got a little better, mainly because we were diaper cream tyrants loading her nether regions with enough diaper cream that it looked more like cake icing than diaper cream. We tried different creams, we switched between them (Aveeno now, then Desitin, then Aquafor), we tried cornstarch, a baking soda bath, and I let her sit naked to let the air get to her little bod twice yesterday. It gets a little better, but mainly it is sticking around. I suppose I should call the doc, but am I missing some brilliant method we should have tried days ago? I just want her rash to go away and never come back because it pains me to change her diaper and have to reassure her that yes, we are all done and mommy won't torture you again for at least another hour. I am calling the doc shortly and hoping they can see us later this afternoon after I pick her up from school.

What's Caroline eating is being replaced with something new because A. she's eating pretty much everything these days, and B. how interesting can it be to read about yogurt and gardenburgers over and over? So in lieu of all the recent look what she's doing now updates, I give you...

Cute Caroline Chronicle

We went the grocery store (sidebar, we love Big Y!) and it was close to lunch when we returned home. I wanted to at least unload the cold items before setting Caroline up for lunch. So I sat her on the kitchen floor to eat some Cheerios while I put away buy one get one Friendly's ice cream (I had my bad idea jeans on yesterday) and OJ. Seeing the fridge door open she pounced and raced over to the open door, climbed up onto what she has made into a step, and began searching the shelves for something interesting. I was right behind her putting away cream cheese and Cracker Barrel cracker cuts (have we discussed how much we love these?) and all I could foresee happening was her losing her grip or slipping, falling backwards and slamming her poor head onto the kitchen floor. It amazes me how I multitask these days. With one hand on her back and the other in a bag I removed all the fridge items and put them into their proper place, while never for one second removing my hand from her back. She found one of her yogurts, sat on the floor with it, shaking it up and down, beaming ear to ear. She proceeded to crawl over to her high chair, yogurt in hand, pull herself up, place the yogurt on the seat, and began pointing and vocalizing like a mad women that it was lunchtime; "I see you are busy putting things away, so I have located my own yogurt and I even brought it over here. So if you would be so kind as to give me a boost and perhaps open this, I would like to get the show on the road Mommy, I am hungry NOW." It was the funniest thing.

In other news, she tried a bite of our corned beef dinner, but was not really a fan.


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