Early Easter "Treat"

The Easter Bunny arrived early in our house, bringing with him a tummy bug that is currently sweeping through the whole family. I woke up on Saturday at about 4am and witnessed poor Caroline retching her guts out on the video monitor. I screamed, "she's throwing up!" and we were instantly up and at her side.

Steve got the cake job of comforting while I stripped both her and the bed, rinsed puke out of the soiled items, and ran them through the wash. (In the C3 household these tasks would have been exactly opposite!) We took Caroline and an old towel into bed with us for the remainder of the night, I didn't get back to sleep at all because I was so worried about her. She woke up twice more coughing and crying and barfed both those times. When she finally woke up for the day she was in a great mood, you'd never have known she had been sick at all. Mommy was not feeling too good herself, but the girls hopped into the shower to get the dried puke from the hair of one of us and try to make the other one feel better somehow. Steve brought her down for some breakfast (water and Cheerios) and feeling like she was doing ok, he went for the banana too. This proved to be too much because just as we were leaving the house that banana ended up on the floor. Nice.

We discussed what to do about our plans to travel up to MA to see Steve's family. I had reservations because she had been so sick and even if she was feeling a bit better, did we really want to chance infecting the whole family? Steve thought she was well enough to go and he hates breaking plans and so against my better judgement we strapped her into the carseat and I said a silent prayer to the vomit gods that she would somehow not get sick all over herself and the car en route. The thought of driving in car reeking of vomit made my own tummy roll. Caroline slept almost the entire 2.5 hour ride to the beach. She was enjoying Pedialyte and toast in her highchair not long after we arrived and besides having some of the nastiest diapers I have ever dealt with, she appeared to be cured.

Kiki said we were brave to have brought her. Were we brave or thoughtless?

Kiki today informed us that both Steve's father and his sister were ill (one had to stay home from work) and I am currently sitting at home uploading photos while sick baby and sick father doze down the hall while I feel not so good overall myself. I needed to employ special breathing techniques and a few well-timed chugs of Pepto to get through the night.

We were fortunate to be able to see family and celebrate the holiday, but at what cost? A brief call with my mother informs me that they have no signs of sickness there after hosting a delicious polish easter dinner complete with kapusta, pierogis, and kielbasa.

Hoping that everyone feeling under the weather feels better soon, that the illness stops here and no one else has to experience it, and that our own little family learned a lesson in how to appropriately handle holidays and illness.


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