Caroline was in a bit of a funk when she got home from school, but we forgive her because poor thing was up way past her bedtime after all and from what I saw at school on her chart took a quick almost non-existent nap for them. Poor baby was tired. Her funk might be more accurately described as a combination of frustration and crabbiness resulting in many tears, lots of whining, and annoyance when she was not granted access to the dishwasher, the other side of the baby gate, or the refrigerator. This goes back to boundaries, but when she is crabby and whiny like this I find it hard to maintain my stance on things and often give in opening up the dishwasher for her to play in, tossing a baby spoon down to her to be banged on the open door repeatedly. She loves the dishwasher and I for one cannot wait until she wants to help load and unload her favorite household appliance.

In the midst of her funk we decided to play a distracting game of “walk to mommy” and she took multiple steady steps (read 3 or 4!) from Daddy to Mommy falling into my arms over and over. We sort of captured it on video, but you cannot see her little legs walking so we’ll have to do a reshoot. Caroline would not “walk to daddy,” instead collapsing in a crumpled legs refusing to lock pile of tears on the carpet instead. This was of course thanks to the funk.

Can we discuss climbing for a moment? It is terrifying and occurs about every two seconds now. When I pick her up from school I often find her scaling a play table (supervised of course). She is constantly climbing on top of her piano and the latest is climbing onto her wooden rocker. Climbing often occurs during the millisecond that you turn your back, WHY is that?

Once she gets into the rocker she wants a book or lately to play with a baby doll. She spent a good 10 minutes sitting in the chair, playing with her doll Abbi while Steve talked to Kiki on the phone last night. We played with her doll’s hair, pointed out eyes, nose, mouth, found the belly button on Abbi and then her own. Caroline can’t point out the doll’s eyes yet on her own, but if you say where are Abbi’s eyes and then point to them, she follows suit pointing to the eyes, even giving Abbi a kiss and those adorable hugs on command.

Steve and I are constantly amazed by the connections she is making and how quickly she is learning about her little world. She is learning new skills everyday is seems. Sara reported via phone that Caroline slept on a cot at school yesterday. They needed the space for a new pack n play and they have been talking about doing it for awhile now, so they just bit the bullet and tried it. Sara said Caroline seemed confused at first, but that she fell asleep while they rubbed her back (I love that they do that!) and while she didn’t sleep too long, that she did in fact have a successful first nap on a cot…without walls…that she could sit up and get off of at any moment… wow. After she and Hannah woke up they played together in a communal pack n play together while the rest of the children slept. I am quite happy with her behind bars at home, but wow…

Sadly I must admit that my child is learning so much about her world these days that she now knows that her food comes from the microwave and sometimes the toaster. Last night while sitting in her highchair, which you all know she wildly pointed at until we strapped her in, she began pointing to the microwave and when it beeped she literally freaked out with excitement because HELLO PEOPLE, MY DINNER!!! This morning while her waffle warmed she was a pointing lunatic at the toaster and when it popped, again the freaking out because MY WAFFLE IS READY!!

The Ear

We skipped the doctor this morning because Caroline fell asleep without incident, there was no ear pulling, and she slept through so soundly that she was still under her blanket this morning when I went in to WAKE her at 7:20. So we canceled the appointment and wouldn't you know it, I got a call from Michele just moments ago. Caroline has been pulling on her LEFT ear. The ear infection we are treating was in her RIGHT ear. I canceled the appointment of course because everything seemed fine, but what the heck? Do I call back and schedule another appointment later in the day today? I just don’t know anymore.


We have a 4:30 appointment this afternoon. I tried to make silly "you deal with crazies like me all day" comments, but they were not answered in a silly way which means I am inded a crazy. Great. It is my big hope that they find no infection and that we waste the copay because if it hasn't gone away I need to look them in the eye and ask for a ENT referral down here and inquire about someone at Children's that was recommended to us by family. joy.


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