Hold Arm Out, Drag Along Shelf

It is too windy down here today to go for a nice walk, though the sun makes it look deceptively warm. Caroline and I ran some errands earlier, namely to go and buy out the diaper cream aisle. We got it all - everything everyone recommended! I might as well have held my arm out and dragged it along the entire shelf. Well, not quite, but it sure felt like I was buying diaper cream for sextuplets, sextuplets with individual diaper cream preferences.

Caroline had half naked lunch and is currently napping away in her crib wearing her Nystatin ointment as well as several other suggestions. When this is all over and gone we won't actually know what worked and what didn't, but at least it will be gone. I don't think I necessarily NEED to know what the trick was, I just hope that somewhere along the line here I am using the right thing, doing the right thing, and that the rash will keep getting better.

I need to be mindful of the clock because I have not yet showered, the bathroom is seriously grungy, and I already spent about 15 minutes of precious nap time uploading a couple weeks worth of photos. Enjoy! My fav from this batch is the naked dishwasher playtime. I couldn't resist.

We head to the beach tomorrow morning and then to Western MA on Sunday.

Happy Easter to all! I hope the bunny brings you all delish treats!


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