If a baby grabs her ear and a pedi isn't around to see it, does it still count as evidence of a continued ear infection?

The McFamily headed up north in the storm on Saturday to attend what was an absolutely lovely joint party in celebration of both Tasha & Tony’s much anticipated arrival due late April - TJ - and her parents’ 30th anniversary. It was a wonderful party with lots of good food and too many desserts to count, highlighted by an amazing performance by her parents’ ballroom dance students. MORE ON THAT LATER! You will have to 110% watch the upcoming PBS documentary highlighting their amazing accomplishments!!!

Steve and I got to reconnect with some old friends and talk babies with our tablemates. Nana and Granda enjoyed having Caroline so much that they offered to keep her indefinitely. We thanked them for the offer, but declined. =)

Caroline has been busy picking up more new behaviors. When you say “no” to her now she will either shake her head “no” OR she will look you right in the eye while continuing to do the forbidden thing she is doing with a “go ahead and make me” look, she is constantly testing her boundaries. She gets no for sure, she just isn’t a big fan of it because it means she cannot do something that she wants to do and WOE to he or she who refuses her royal majesty. We are all for boundaries.

The pointing to communicate needs continues now with more urgency and precision. We have been diligent about naming the items before we give them to her in a “cup please” “thank you” manner. We’ll get there. I have also been using some Baby Einstein Language Discovery Cards to help with naming things. I put the card for banana up this morning while she was eating her own banana. She loves those cards.

Caroline points to her high chair when she wants to eat. If we have her in the kitchen during dinner prep she will literally point like a mad woman until she is strapped in and then she is so delighted to be there that she kicks her feet and giggles even with no food in front of her. She has been eating off plates and bowls more lately too, though we are still using just fingers most of the time to eat. I picked up 6 plastic dishwasher safe phenom plates at IKEA yesterday for $1.99. Need I reiterate my love for all things IKEA?

When she drops pieces of food while filling her chipmunk cheeks she can find them buried in her bib not by sight but by feel and the realization that she dropped it in this vicinity down here somewhere. That has made the high chair clean up so much easier. Heaven forbid a speck of food get lost, she is an absolute chow hound. Last night she ate seconds of her mac and cheese and sweet potatoes. I think she would have eaten every sweet potato we put on her plate, even though by the end of dinner she looked like she was going to need to be rolled to bed (or at the very least her skin would turn sweet potato organge!).

On Sunday she started on the road to blowing kisses. She will put her hand over her mouth and remove it in a blow kisses kind of way, though for now she is blowing very open-mouthed kisses. How wildly inappropriate!

We think she is still suffering from that ear infection, aka the meds ain’t working! Yesterday at her afternoon nap she was completely wiped out and exhausted and closed her eyes and cuddled into me, but as soon as I lay her flat in her crib she was up and screaming the most terrible break your heart ear piercing scream that after just a few minutes I had a non-stop thumping in my head. I eventually got her to sleep, but noticed some ear grabbing along the way and at the conclusion of nap time I was greeted by a smiling happily rested baby who had scratched her ear all up with her nails in frustration or agony?

Last night she went down easy, only to wake up an hour later hysterical and seemingly in pain again. We watched her on the monitor completely helpless as she alternated between laying down with her eyes closed and sitting up howling holding that painful right ear. This has to, just HAS to, STOP… She really should be going to sleep before oh I don’t know 10:30, don’t you think? and perhaps it wouldn't be too too much to ask that she not be in pain or require motrin everynight?

I am calling the pedi after lunch to confer with a nurse about how to proceed. I don’t think the meds are working, but who knows if they will give her something else or want to see her? I just need to know when I should call if I keep seeing this ear grabbing and think that it still might be present. She is technically done with the meds on Thursday night.

And saving the best for last….

Join us in Welcoming

Mary and Rob’s New DAUGHTER


March 10th, 2008
4:22 PM
7lbs 8oz

The McFamily is thrilled for them and cannot wait to meet Emma’s new baby sister. Mom reports that everyone is doing great!


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