Inspiring Champion

Perhaps you've been noticing that it is beginning to look and feel a lot more like Spring? I know I have. The lawn is softer under my feet, earlier this week I noticed the buds beginning to form on my hydrangeas, and there is daylight until past 7pm. Springtime brings more outdoor activity, more runners, and in less than one month - the Boston Marathon.

The McFamily likes Marathon Monday, heck I married a BC grad, we LOVE the Marathon. Each year I am inspired. When I was an undergrad at NU, I stood on Boylston Street late in the day and watched as a woman collapsed to her knees just in front of me, mere feet from the finish. The crowd cheered her to her feet, applauded her from a walk to a run, and that woman looked back, waved, and then FINISHED that Marathon. I think if you have ever lived near Boston and have witnessed this amazing event, you too must have a story like that.

In 2005 we watched Derek Holland (Steve's classmate from BC) whiz by us in Natick at Mile 7. He finished that year in 2:37:23 coming in second for BAA Club Team Men's Division. The following year we saw him again in Newtopia with Auntie k and he ran 93rd place overall with a time of 2:37:40! That same year we watched for one amazing runner, we'll just call him Dwizz, running for the Alzheimer's Association for his father who never got to see him run the race. We had signs, we cheered, and we (auntie k and I, not Steve of course) were emotional and in awe of his awesome accomplishment!

We are headed home this year on April 21th to watch over 20000 runners take off and sprint to the finish of the 112th running of the Boston Marathon. Last year Caroline was too little and BOO HOO were we bummed! Derek won't be there this year, neither will Dwizz, but Auntie k will be. You've probably been following her progress over there at run, kerry, run haven't you?

In case you didn't notice, Auntie K has quietly raised over $5,000 for Children's Hospital and her Patient Partner Jayla! FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! Children's asked her to raise $3,000, she BOLDLY answered back that she would raise $4,000. She has since met AND exceeded her own personal goal and right now her donations are just shy of $6,000 dollars. We couldn't be more proud of her!!

Auntie k would gain the designation of "Children's Champion" if she met that 6K mark. We had hoped that our own late in the game donation might push her over, but she is still $225.00 short. For her this hasn't been about about reaching that mark, getting called a champion, she just wanted to raise the $4,000 she set out to for Children's and for Jayla. We know that many readers here have already donated to her brilliant cause and for that she and we are incredibly touched and appreciative, but I am taking this opportunity to stand on my very own soapbox and request support from everyone else. Auntie k would NEVER ask, but that doesn't mean I won't.

Auntie k, you are OUR McFamily's Champion, whether or not Children's gives you that designation and wouldn't it be nice for the world to recognize you as the Champion that you truly are??

C'Mon Marathon lovers...

Make Auntie k A CHAMPION!


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