Lucky 13

I realized this morning that it is time again for another bear photo! Another month has whooshed by us at an alarming speed. Unfortunately the camera was upstairs and we had t minus two minutes until we jetted off to school, but never fear, a new month of photos will begin shortly. Speaking of photos, I finally got my act together and linked the Puerto Vallarta photos over there to the left.

Caroline is feeling so much better (though as I type this I realize I completely forgot her medicine this morning! Whoops, afternoon dose is just going to have to do!) today and was absolutely ravenous at breakfast. She has really gotten me into better am habits too because I typically have whatever she is enjoying for breakfast and that is working out well. Sara said it took her forever and a day to eat her meatball yesterday. When her ears and teeth are bothering her the interest in food leaves a lot to be desired. We are just happy to have our happy little girl back. OH, funny thing that happened at pick up yesterday! I walked in and heard the caregiver in the next room say "So Caroline, tell me all about Mexico!" so cute.

New cute thing to share:

Caroline babbles ba in a sing songy way that sort of sounds like this (should be an interesting exercise trying to communicate sound through written word):

bbbbbaaaaaa bwwwaa

If she starts doing it we do it back to her and she is so tickled that she will keep doing it. Attempts by parents to initiate said sing songyness have been met with furrowed confused "my mom is such a wierdo" looks.

She has also been experimenting with new sounds that seem like they are coming from putting her tongue on the roof of her mouth. It comes out sort of gargle or sounds like she is underwater, but is so cute trust me.

Super news to get excited over:

We have been spending time each night with Miss Caroline "walking" between us. Last night she stood on her own completely unsupported for what felt like an eternity. Steve kept telling me not to touch her and how could I? I was so scared of moving a muscle for fear that she would sit down like she always does. Needless to say we were very impressed. Caroline has taken a step here or there when we do our little "go to Mommy" "come to Daddy" routine and each and every attempt results in cheers and praise. My mother said that my brother didn't walk until he was 18 months old, so we obviously aren't concerned about her taking solo steps at this point, but we have seen the evidence many times that she is still just inches away from taking off running... at which point we will look at each other in terror and fall to our knees asking the universe WHY OH WHY did we play go to mommy and come to daddy with her?? WHY???

In all seriousness, Caroline is doing great. She is lucky 13 months old this month and having an absolute blast!

What is Caroline eating today?

Fried egg with broken yolk (LOVED this!)
Chicken nuggets
Zucchini and Summer Squash roasted with olive oil, s/p (YUM!)
Veggie and Pirate Booty mix
Cheddar Cheese
Goldfish crackers
Yobaby yogurt

Tacos for dinner tonight - she will be trying all of it!


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