A note to the McFamily of last Friday

Dear Kerri of last Friday:

Please pay close attention to these notes. They won't make much sense now, but I am sure you will thank me later, preferably with coconut hersey kisses.

Don't bother running to the market, trust me your family will be able to make do.

Take that loaf of wheat bread out of the freezer, yes the whole thing.

Save yourself the time and energy and skip quartering all those grapes. Just when you think you cannot see another quartered grape without ralphing, well you'll see.

Don't offer Caroline pizza at dinner no matter how much she begs. Give her plenty of those delicious rolls and instead of milk how about mixing it up with water?

When packing her food for the weekend think Goldfish crackers, toast, bananas.

After her bedtime shower consider making it a family affair and climb under your own covers as early as possible.

You will be awoken by a crying baby at about 4. Don't panic. She will lay back down, but DO NOT roll over. Your baby needs you! Check the corner nearest "Carter One Size."

Really think through your travel plans.


Kerri from the future

This McMomma is back to work today. Caroline is back to school. Steve is still not 100%, but doing a bit better. He really got the worst of it this time.

Also, the rash. Well, it is holding on for dear life refusing to go away, but is so improved that I have hope it will be gone soon. I arrived at school today with multiple ointments in hand. Sara asked me how and when and why so many with a look of panic on her face. I said, "really Sara, I have no idea. Just mix it up." I am going to make another call to the pediatrician because it has been seven days since we started the Nystatin treatment and yet here we are. My poor baby.

Please let there be mercy and allow that this is the last major illness of winter 2008!


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