Proof of Supposed Steps

First, a fun video of her playing. I feel like Caroline is so grown up suddenly here, so interactive and incredibly excited about every darn thing around her. You can also see her 2 second attention span.

I feel like this little video of her walking is already out of date. We no longer have to convince her to straighten out her little legs, she wants to be standing all the time. Look for her reaction when she sees the video camera. We turned the view screen around so we could be sure she was in the frame. We tried to get her legs in this one. All other attempts had her face, but no legs. We'll get there with a full body AND face one soon I am sure.

Update re Evil Rash

We did end up going to the pediatrician this afternoon. We were 10 minutes late thanks to some school letting out traffic along our route and because of this we were not seen until nearly 3:45 for our 3:00 appointment. Dr. Murphy took one look at her sad little bottom and prescribed an antifungal cream to treat a yeast infection. Yes, babies can get yeast infections, even boys! They apparently often occur after antibiotic treatment. I consider it very lucky that this is our first time with a yeast infection given the number of ear infections we have had. She prescribed this cream called Vusion. She warned me that it is amazingly expensive and gave me a discount card from the company that would limit our copay responsibility to 10 bucks. Score right? Yeah, except that within minutes of pulling out of the parking lot to head back to work for all 15 minutes remaining in my day CVS called to say that it is not covered by our insurance and would cost 275.00. 275! Needless to say we got another RX called in and are now the proud owners of two tubes of Nystatin ointment. Apparently the Vusion cream has nystatin plus another ingredient and that is why it is so expensive? It has such staying power that I was unable to completely wash it from my hands after bathtime! We left the office with with two sample tubes of the Vusion and I intend to use them both (one for us, one for daycare) before we begin the Nystatin. I am particularly psyched that have those two tubes so that in the future we can try the RX cream if we suspect another yeast infection without an office visit or a copay. Amen. End of story - we should see an amazing improvement shortly which is a godsend because when I saw her diaper area this afternoon I gasped. It had been somewhat under control when she was home with us, but at school with a regimented diaper schedule it was about 10000X worse than it was this morning. I felt so so bad for my poor Caroline!

Cute Caroline Chronicle

At the doctor this afternoon we had some time to kill while we waited to be seen. Caroline wasn't too interested in the movie - Finding Nemo - she did gasp at the screen initially when she saw the fish, but was more interested in the plant in the corner. We walked around a bit, me lightly holding onto her fingers and she eventually settled into playing on the waiting room chairs, cruising like a pro down the whole row. She suddenly turned, let go and took off away from me. A few steps in, she took a digger face first into the carpet. Ouch. There were tears, but I had stickers, so they didn't last long. Caroline is getting braver and for that reason, the video seems very outdated. Those tentative steps are becoming more sure and more frequent.


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