Rash Rash Go Away, Never Come Another Day

Evil Rash Day 7.

Vusion cream, not really helping. Nystatin cream, not really helping. The area has gone from angry to pissed off. Bath time more than likely made things worse, so we are going to do quick shower rinse offs from here until the evil rash leaves our home. Caroline spent about 45 minutes bottomless tonight while we made dinner (I took photos) and she peed three times during that time. Her reaction was less than amused by this. I think she was alarmed at what was happening and that it burned. We got as much air to her tushy as possible before creaming her up and putting her diaper on for dinnertime. Caroline continues to lament "ah daa" to us begging for us to be all done please whenever we apply the ointment or threaten to remove her diaper.

Our hearts break for her with this terrible rash. I was nearly in tears on the ride home from school because I was met with "wow, her bottom is terrible" and "have you tried x,y,z?" as if I did not notice that my poor baby's bottom is fire engine red and enflamed. Seriously this rash is not the result of us not changing her often enough or not applying cream, I am a diaper cream tyrant! Let's not forget, this rash is the result of the evil rash's cousin evil ear infection. Evil ear infection requires intense antibiotics, which caused terrible rash, which turned into yeast infection and here we are. I wish I could just pin a note to her sleeve that says, "I know the bum is sore, she had a reaction to her antibiotics, I am not a terrible mother."In the meantime, until I can make the hurt go away, that is pretty much how I feel. Poor Caroline.

Cute Caroline Chronicle

Despite the horrid terrible pussing rash Caroline continues to amaze us. Just last night Steve was leaning on a couch pillow he had put on the floor. Caroline crawled over and lay down on the pillow. We inquired, "time for night night Caro?" Later after her bath she retrieved the pillow from the couch herself when we asked her if it was "night night?" Tonight after her bath, we asked her in the kitchen if it was "time for night night?" She crawled from the kitchen to the family room, pulled the pillow down from the couch, and lay her little head on it, thumb in mouth of course. Are you kidding me???

Don't believe us?


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