recovering, but with teething

I could focus on the sickness that seems to have once again sucked both me and Caroline in this past weekend (we are both already better, save for Caro's latest and greatest ear infection - we are indeed headed for tubes, but I will save that discussion for another day), let's instead discuss other happier things. I won't even mention the terrible evening we had last night other than acknowledging that teething does indeed suck out loud.

Let's discuss the world's newest thing aged THIRTY years!!!

That would be Steve (circa 2004 in New Orleans enjoying not one but TWO hurricanes). Despite the illness that had me wanting to do anything but eat a fancy meal on Saturday, we went out to dinner on the South Shore and enjoyed a fabulous swanky candelit meal just us to celebrate the special occasion. Even though my tummy was tumbling, it was hard not to eat every stinking bite of my delicious steak and mushroom risotto. I felt better by morning and thankfully didn't miss out on french toast at the Sand's End. Phew, catastrophe averted, but DARN it would have been too nice to be able to enjoy every scrumptious bite of my meal and every warming sip of our Syrah instead of french toast!

Steve is thirty... the Big 3-0... 20-10... how and when did we REALLY get this old? I wish I had been able to whisk him away to Sox Spring Training or take him to Disney World sans baby in celebration of the end of his youth of course =) but not this year, not this time. I think he knows how special and important he is to me and to our family, doesn't he? While I fully admit that I revel in the fact that he is in fact 1 month and 21 days old than me, I think I will always ALWAYS see him like this.

GOD, look at us. That photo is courtesy of the newest married in our life Adrienne, circa XMAS 2001. BABIES! (and where exactly MIGHT my eyebrows be???)

See Steve's birthday makes me all nostalgic for us too - it isn't ALL about you honey, sorry. We first met in early March just after his 23rd birthday. I know this because when we were initially setting up our "first date" he couldn't get together the day I suggested because he was going to the CHEESY (HA!) to celebrate his birthday with friends. So when his birthday rolls around, though we don't celebrate our dating anniversary anymore, I get all reflective and think about that special time in our life when we were just meeting, having those long all night chats, spending exactly no time apart, talking about the future, and getting all those "this is IT" butterflies.

Here's a short photographic history of us over the past 7 years...

(also courtesy of Mrs. Choyfrocca, I love this shot of us in on Shea at BC at what was the beginning - and should have been the END - of the game "Government Warning")

(New Orleans self portrait (Spring 2003)

(The Vineyard circa 2003)

(New Years 2004 - Mrs. Flynnewski's first appearance)

(Honeymoon Aruba 2004)

(Honeymoon Aruba 2004)

(Honeymoon Aruba 2004)

(Tasha's wedding 2004 - look how tan we were!?!? my god!!!)

(Spring Training with the Flynnewskis - Winter/Spring 2006)

(Vineyard with the Albenneys - Summer 2006)

(Yankee Sox with Laurie in the Bronx - Summer 2006)

(Christmas 2007 - Our first as a family)

Seven years. Has it really been that long? I have celebrated every birthday with you and while this one was incredibly special, I think they have all been pretty great. You might not state your age with twenty ___ anymore , but that doesn't change the fact that you are my favorite person on earth, the person I can share all my secrets with, my best friend...

It's true! If you don't believe me I give evidence here. There you are all rocked out to whatever 80's song was on at the Choyfrocca's wedding and despite your intensity and crazy dancing, look how smitten I still am with you.

Happy birthday to my favorite thirty-year-old Steve!


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