Report from the trenches

Just a quick one today to update on illness number 1 bajillion.

Caroline and Mom are home sick today. Mom is feeling a bit better and even ventured to oatmeal as a mid morning snack. Caroline is still having some GI issues and when I said I had seen the nastiest diaper I apparently was mistaken because WOW... I could NOT send her to school with what C3 affectionately and appropriately described as the "runny bum burps." I imagined her almost gone rash after a day at school with less than timely changes and I broke out in a sweat. Or was that from my own bug? Who knows at this point? It was a wise move. We were awoken WELL before 6am this morning to an unhappy camper who usually wakes up and plays and puts herself back to sleep. There was ZERO interest in her Giraffe (Carter One Size)and we were astonished when she fell back to sleep in bed with us until after 7. (Dad was already busy watching the sox game at that point, "as long as we're up.") Caroline has been super clingy girl all day and is already into her third nap! This is the first one that she let me put her in the crib for, which is a good sign. I've been napping on and off with her and somehow snuggling with her cuteness makes all this sick stuff a bit easier to get through.

Steve really should have stayed home, but his boss is at his office today so off he went like a brave soldier carrying an arsenal of virus plague number 1 bajillion with him. We hope he is managing ok.

He admitted to me yesterday over our lovely dinner of plain rice and toast (for all of us!) that he could not imagine taking care of Caroline by himself feeling the way he did, which was exactly how I felt before we went to Mexico. I somehow dodged a major bullet this time and while I am still recovering, for me this illness cannot touch that other one.

We are all hoping to be back to our regularly scheduled lives tomorrow which means an illness free blog post. Cross your fingers for us.


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