Sponge Caroline

I picked Caroline up early from school after an off-site meeting yesterday afternoon, brought her to my office for the last 30 minutes of my work day, and traveled up the road the pedi all to discover that there is in fact NO infection. Her ear has cleared up completely. Perhaps this is teething? I am so happy that she does not have an ear infection, but seriously when the only sign your kid offers up is an occasional ear lobe tug, what’s a crazy mom like me to do?

I made the appointment at Children’s in Boston based on a rec from Steve’s cousin whose daughters both had frequent ear infections. Her youngest has already had tubes placed by this physician and she was so pleased with him. Even though this most recent ear mystery resulted in no continued infection, I am going to maintain the appointment in Boston and get a handle on this because I am sure that we will undoubtedly be on terrible antibiotics for another infection before too much time elapses. More than anything I no longer have that sense that, “phew this is over” when the infection clears up. It is more like, "how much time do we have before the next one?” aka “how long before the mother of all diaper rashes strikes again?” (thank you ridiculous antibiotics with horrible GI symptoms)

I did a bit of reading on Jen’s suggestion that sleep changes might be linked to milestones and that Jen is one smart cookie. Some sources suggest that sometimes babies have trouble settling down because they want to keep practicing all the new things they are learning. Perhaps these tentative first steps we are seeing are actually linked to her reluctance to sleep both at home and at school. I feel terribly bad for Sara and Michele who lately are lucky to get a thirty-minute nap out of Caroline at school. The upside for me is that on days she doesn’t sleep well at school, I have a baby on my lap during bedtime stories that literally cannot keep her eyes open and sleeps upwards of 12 hours. We had to wake her again this morning at nearly 7:30 and she was pooped and sleeping through stories before 7:30 last night. Of course now that I have written that we will be up with her until 10 again tonight. =)

My father once compared children’s learning to sponges, just soaking every drop of the world around them up. Meet our daughter Sponge Caroline, Pink Pants. She will mimic anything and everything that I do – not so much with Steve, but sometimes. Last night while she was hugging her bunny I crossed my arms and moved them back and forth like a cradle – it’s the sign for baby – and she totally watched me and crossed her arms moving them back and forth. I could go on and on and on about all the new things that we see each day that impress us. (Let’s not forget however that this “brilliant sponge” also frequently sits in her green IKEA storage bin - why?) In fact, all week I feel like I have just been sharing all the silly new things she seems to be picking up, but this week’s posts with all the braggy “look my baby does this now!” statements are quite representative of the stage we find ourselves in where she seems to be constantly learning. Heck, if I figured out how to cross my arms, I am sure I wouldn’t want to nap too, imagine what she thinks she might miss out on while she snoozes?

In other braggy bloggy news - I just got an email from the Nest Baby letting me know that they are considering my blog over there (don't go running, it's exactly 100% the same!) to be the featured Mom Journal of the Week. That would mean home page exposure and hopefully bring a lot of new readers. I am humbled and so freakin' excited! Perhaps I should change it up and start posting different things here and there?


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