All I want for whatever is my second top tooth

Please join me in a moment of silence for my key tags. That would be the ring of many MANY savings tags I tote around with exactly three keys. I discovered that savings tags are an excellent baby toy and much less dangerous that the actual keys. I let Caroline play with them at Home Depot last weekend while we were getting an estimate. We must not have realized she had thrown them (and while I desperately want to somehow make this not my fault and blame it on Steve, it just wouldn’t be fair, though I will admit that initially I did!) and they are gone, not even in Lost and Found. I called. I was most annoyed that not only did I miss out on an awesome coupon at CVS ($25 gift card with new RX) & have to pay full price for “on sale” diapers that I had planned on getting for free with the gift card, BUT now I have to replace every stinking card too. The reason I ask for the moment of silence is because after I had some time to settle down and relax I realized really it’s not the inconvenience of replacing them that upset me most, but that this ring held the only remaining pieces of our everyday life from MA. You know – Barbers, Loehmanns, and my Minute Man Library System card. After changing our address, our licenses, I still had those cards. While Steve certainly DID pick on me for keeping my Barber’s card, I really believed that I needed to keep it because I would use it again someday if/when we move back. Now the only way I can get that card is to move home… So a moment of silence for the last remaining silly piece of our life in MA. Also, should I worry about some crazy person taking out lots of books and movies from the Natick library and never returning them?

Steve is on his way home and it comes not a moment too soon. My baby girl is now sporting two top teeth and I am sure you can see where this is headed. I was up from midnight to almost two with her, comforting her, trying to get her back to sleep. I used her wake up as a might as well change your diaper moment too because if she’s up, she’s up and if she is already upset, what’s the harm in upsetting her a tiny bit more right? Good thing I did! Even though she was sporting new Size 4’s, she clearly could not have made it through with that diaper. I think I need a new plan for evening beverages. Perhaps when she gets home I should offer her the sippy instead of at 6 ish with dinner? She woke up this morning with a full diaper still even after our midnight change!

So I changed her, I calmed her with some crazy dancing and woot wooting and basically anything highly embarrassing that I could do to get her attention from that blasted tooth. I took her up to our room after what felt like an eternity of Hush Little Caro and Caroline I love you songs that weren’t quite working their magic, I sat up with her, rested her against me supported by a pillow, and she snuggled right in. The magic you see is allowing her to touch the skin on your back and as soon as she had found that, the thumb sucking commenced and she was history. Except that she wasn’t. I tried 4 times to put her back in her crib and each and every time she was immediately up and screaming again. I tried my ten minute rule and still nothing, not an eye rub in sight. So we retreated again to the solace of the bedroom, where she continued snuggling and I decided that as long as I was up, what was on the tube? Score, Jon and Kate MARATHON, which always reminds me that things could always ALWAYS be much worse. Except times weren’t so bad. Sure, I was dead asleep when she woke up. Sure, I was dead tired. Sure, my fingers were now sticky from Baby Motrin. Sure, I was going to be exhausted today. Sure, I wanted to snuggle back to sleep, but this moment was actually quite beautiful. I carefully laid her next to me, stared at her little nose and her adorable chin, felt her sweet breath from her perfect little mouth, and smiled when she suddenly out of nowhere laughed in some faraway dream.

I woke up this morning just before the alarm at 6:09. She was laying beside me, barricaded in by pillows on one side and me on the other. I scooped her up and put her into her crib so I could hop into the shower before she woke up, but I not until after I lay down beside her again smelled all her clean baby goodness and gently kissed her eyelids.


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