As if we ever doubted her...

It is with great pride (and appreciation!!!) that I share that our Auntie k did it!!!!

She surpassed the 6K mark in her fundraising efforts! Though her donate page does not show this fantastical achievement, rest assured that Auntie k has been wearing her accountant hat and yes, she has in fact raised enough scratch to be a “Children’s Champion!” Thanks from the bottom of the McFamily's heart to those who were able to contribute to her worthy cause!

It doesn't end there though folks, there is still one more very important "giving" opportunity and this time I mean of yourselves.

Should you happen to find yourself along the Marathon route on the 21st, consider keeping a watchful eye (and perhaps an orange slice or an ice cold sponge?) out for our Auntie k running 26.2 miles for Jalya and Children’s Hospital.

You are looking for a woman who looks like this:

And when you find her, scream your head off, toss confetti, shower her with compliments, and remind her to



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