Countdown to run,kerry, run

Auntie k has been in Hopkinton since her bus took off from Boston at 6:15 this morning. Kiki and Steve reported that she was in good spirits, wide awake, and ready to run. She takes off in the second wave at 10:30 am and we are preparing for our own exit to our first stop; Pond Street in Wellesley, just before Wellesley College. From there we will sprint off via car to a garage downtown to watch her cross the FINISH LINE!!! There was much discussion about how exactly to get to this garage and we have come up with several contingency plans in case exits, roads, or sidewalks are closed to traffic. You can't miss our group, we'll be waving BC Gold pom poms and about 35 Auntie k on a sticks (lovingly prepared by moi!). Auntie is going to be hugging the left side of the course. She'll be meeting up with Auntie Colleen at Centre Street in Newton to finish the last six miles together. Look for Auntie Colleen too, she'll be wearing a white shirt that says "run, kerry, run" on the front and "BC '02" on the back. I will update all day via Twitter!!! Stay tuned!!!


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