Craptastic wetness

A seriously short post today because I feel kinda craptastic. Ugh.

On the bright side, the counters are being installed as I type! Steve is working from home and when I left the house just a short bit ago the final piece was going into place. Nothing this magnificent is without incident though is it... oh no how could it be? We somehow convinced the plumber we hired when we moved in to come over and help Steve dismantle the sink because Steve was having no luck whatsoever. Before he got there Tom (our favorite neighbor!) saved the day by bringing a vice grip to help remove a stuck bolt. The plumber, Crawford, showed up almost 9 pm and didn't leave until just before 11. We paid him with leftover lasagna. Seriously the nicest guy, but a bit creepy seeing as how he remembered us instantly and agreed to come over and all. I am NOT complaining. There is a bit of a leak(read HUGE!) happening back at the homestead, but the installers are helping Steve get the faucet attached which will stop the leak, we hope! They are just as mystified as to hot it is leaking when all the water in the house is off!

I am thinking of leaving a bit early, picking Caroline up, and taking another nap. I went home at lunch for nap number one and slept for 45 minutes and feel a bit better. All sickness aside, the counters are here the counters are here and they look just as magnificent as we had hoped! Now just some tile and backsplash and we will be officially DONE!


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