Dresses and driving

I cleared out the camera to make room for Marathon photos! There are even some from today of Caroline in her first dress of the season, LOVE dresses!!! We got out all her spring stuff this week and she had a ball pulling things out of the box with me. I may have been a little too quick because while the weather today looks PHENOM (80 down here in these parts), the weather for next week is not looking quite as springy. Doesn't matter, Monday's weather looks pretty good for the runners, and that is all that matters! We can wear some long sleeved onesies a few more times!

Wanted to post quickly to also share that Miss Caroline took her first ride in one of those supermarket carriage cars. Saying that she loved it would be a vast underestimation of her affection for the little red car. She was jumping up and down in her seat (thankfully they come with seatbelts) and steering the wheel and looking back at me beaming ear to ear. I decided to try it because she was exhausted and the errand had to happen and I hoped it would buy me the 5 minutes I needed to dash in and out. It did, though I think she might not be into it for longer trips because by the checkout counter she wanted out. It was fun though - I sent camera photos to the fam!


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