Fresh space and attitude

I just spent 90 minutes at home over lunch while our new countertops were “templated.” The installer Lowe’s sent out was super-friendly (we dished on our old schizophrenic clients, Scientology, and how people born in NH and MA are genetically programmed to be Sox fans) and very knowledgeable. He fully supported my wall knocking down ideas (though he asked me first if his opinion would be used as ammunition in a kitchen remodel discussion), but I know I need to show some restraint and keep in mind that this renovation is an update not a tear out.

If I could go back in time and sneak into the minds of the owners who completed the initial updating, I would beseech them to expand their family room addition the length of the house, thus creating a great room comprised of a an open kitchen/family room/dinig room, and perhaps PERHAPS even a ½ bath. Ohhh ahhhh! If they guffawed this idea because heck, it would be expensive, I would strongly urge them to knock down at least a half wall between the dining room and kitchen, creating a peninsula type space to create more counter space and a more open flow.

Clearly I cannot go back in time, so for now our update needs to remain calm and controlled. The things we are doing will greatly enhance our home and we hope when/if it comes time to sell that these improvements will really pay off. In the meantime, I know that they will greatly enhance the way we feel about the kitchen and that I will enjoy the time I spend in there more than I do currently. That is what is really the most important thing right?

So for now – here is a before shot of the kitchen. I know I know. WHY oh WHY are we changing anything – those pink counters are HOT!

But you aren’t really here to read about the kitchen are you?

Yesterday afternoon Caroline and I shared an afternoon snack of Trisquits and Trader Joe Spinach Dip. She loved it and spent most of the time bouncing up and down between bites and flapping her open mouth to show me that she was ready for "more, please." I fully support this because trying to get anything green into this baby takes skill (or magical powers). She also really likes the dried apple rings with cinnamon and sugar, but after she stuffed way too many in her mouth and gagged a bit we promptly took them away. They are a new texture and she really needs to take her time with them. We tried some chopped up apple chicken sausage yesterday too and while she LOVED the taste, she got too excited, put too many pieces in at once and gagged again. I think next time I will have to remove the skin to make it easier.

Caro was a bit strange this morning. Steve went to get her from her crib and when he walked into her room she crawled to the other side of the crib away from him. He walked away but returned shortly thereafter because she lost her noodle when she realized he was actually considering leaving. When I went to take her downstairs we stopped to visit Daddy in the shower and she wanted nothing to do with it, just kept pointing at the door. (It may be due to the soap on his face?) During breakfast when he went to kiss her goodbye she squirmed away from him. It was so strange. I told school and Michele said, “Caroline, are you being fresh today?” I laughed out loud. Have we really reached the stage where she can be fresh?


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