growing pangs

You would never imagine that watching your child eat would bring such a feeling of pride or an equally overwhelming sense of "when did my baby grow up?" Over the weekend I spontaneously quit slicing up Caroline’s banana and just handed it to her half peeled. It was one of those random "today we are biting the bullet" decisions. Her expression turned quite serious and she took huge hungry independent bites, allowing me to help her peel it further down. Another letting go moment. I never expected that I would feel a little pang that she can feed herself a banana, but I kind of do.

She still needs supervision and some minimal assistance, but she LOVES to feed herself. She loves to feed herself so much that she constantly points at the bananas in the kitchen, stands up on her toes under the fruit bowl begging, and gets upset when I redirect her. I think one entire banana is entirely enough banana for one day, don’t you? She knows what a banana is too because in the morning when I ask her if she wants a banana she gets all excited and points right to it before I even go near the fruit. So smart. So big. So scary.

Last night I heated up some shepherd’s pie I made a few days ago and put some in a ramekin for her, hoping she would at least try a bite before I heated up chicken nuggets or a turkeyball for her. I plopped in a toddler spoon from Kiki and she was off and eating SOLO. She scooped massive spoons of mashed potatoes and turkey into her mouth and was so delighted with herself that she ate the entire portion. I was stunned and again, the pangs. Why?

This morning when we put on her socks and shoes, she held her feet up while watching me closely and wanted to do the Velcro herself. She expertly removed both shoes and one sock on the car ride to school and was so proud of herself that she was laughing in her big girl carseat waving the empty Reeboks. It’s just a matter of time before her new friend Matthew teaches her how to unscrew a sippy cup lid (which he learned to do in the car en route to our museum trip on Friday spilling all over himself!) and then what will I do?

I should be reveling in Caroline’s growth, sharing her accomplishments with pride, and I am, it’s just that does she have to be growing up so darn fast?

Rash Flash

We are seeing modest improvements this morning after an overnight with Triple Paste. Started the morning off with Vusion cream sample given at pedi. School updated on new procedure of alternating anti-fungal with Triple Paste and we once again reiterated the no juice whilst recovering from yeast infection policy. It looked a bit better, but with a whole 3 days of school ahead, I am already sick to my stomach imagining the condition of her poor diaper area this evening. I sense another late afternoon in the kitchen tinkling on the kitchen floor, her not me.

Cute Caroline Chronicle

We were in Target yesterday looking at simple valances for the kitchen and bathroom. (PS we found one and seriously if a valance can transform a room, this one totally did. I need to get back to pick up one more for the window above the sink!) This trip may or may not have been after a curtainless visit to Homegoods (do they really not have curtains?), where we may or may not have found an amazing deal on a new comforter set for the master. Just part of what I like to do while Steve is away; change the decor, reorganize furniture, clean every closet, and throw away his old t-shirts. Nothing says welcome home like look everything is different!


Caroline was in the shopping cart, strapped in of course. I bent down to look at some curtains for the spare bedroom (jury still out because there is no hardware up in the room to put them on yet) and when I stood up 30 seconds later she was turned completely around in the seat, kneeling, clapping her hands, beaming ear to ear showing off that adorable front tooth.

I think my million-dollar mommy invention is a way to seat your child facing the direction you are headed. My child is always contorting, struggling, whining, to face forward and see where she is going. I call dibs though I have absolutely no idea how it could possibly be done. Oh look, someone beat me to it already! Figures, though his design requires a whole new shopping cart and that just seems way too complicated. I just want some sort of turning around apparatus. I wouldn’t even care if it took up some of the cart room, but then I am sure she would be turning purple and frustrated that she cannot see me. So maybe what we really need is one that spins and has a water gun attached to spray passerby or a steering wheel that actually turns it... or wow... getting a bit ahead of my imagination.


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