McMomma requires McDaddy to call her Awesome

Our weekend was full of weddings, wine, weather, and wide-awake rides home. How was yours?

Saturday morning we woke up at the beach to torrential downpours, thunder, lightening, and an overwhelming sense of sadness because “if this was my wedding day, how would I feel about it?” We deposited our little ball of energy with Kelly & the girls on our way to the ceremony.

We cannot THANK Kelly enough for taking an extra baby on a Saturday! We heard later that she took a three hour nap (!) and ate like a champ, which is exactly what her parents wanted to hear. Caroline was having a great time playing with the girls’ toys when we got there. Chloe whispered to me that she had made the baby laugh and then demonstrated for me. I think that Caroline will be enamored with both Chloe and Teegan for a long, long time!

Danny and Michele exited the church to beaming sunshine, blue skies, and a picture perfect day! Clearly someone was sending them a sign. Steve and I, baby free for the entire afternoon, enjoyed lingering adult conversation, some stealth tie stain hiding action, dancing, and cocktails. Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. who are on their way to Tulum, Mexico!

Caroline took a brief mid-morning nap on Sunday and decided that sleeping in the car was not something she was interested in. Luckily for us we had wonderful Maggie with us and she was able to do more than just aim various toys at the baby. Caroline delighted in having a friend in the back seat to stare at.

Yesterday I was caught off guard by a lengthy morning nap and it was nearly noon before we headed out to complete our weekly grocery shopping. We had some extra time so we hit up Trader Joe’s in seek of new and interesting food options, not just for Caroline, but the whole damn McFam. We were shopping alongside a mother of three, one being a tiny newish baby boy. Her older sons (Sawyer and Everett) were constantly talking to Caroline, telling her to tell me to get her cheese puffs and she was laughing and flirting with them, contorting herself to keep them in constant view. We left with a pretty yellow balloon, her very first balloon. The laughter from the backseat had even me in hysterics as she pulled the ribbon towards her again and again, flapping the balloon from side to side squealing and belly laughing the whole way. It was adorable, until we got home and lost focus at lunch because the yellow balloon was far more interesting than yogurt or grapes.

Caroline had absolutely no interest in our (LOVINGLY prepared!) chicken potpie dinner, though she loved the accompanying biscuit. I dipped it into hummus for her, gave her some strawberries, refilled her milk cup and called it a day. Her teeth have been bothering her and dinner seems to be the hardest meal these days, especially dinners that include precariously placed peas. She absolutely chows at breakfast and lunch, so I try not to worry about it too much. I know if she is hungry she will eat.

Our counter installer is coming on Wednesday afternoon to template. We got the dishwasher in, though I reminded Steve about 10 times on Friday to keep in mind that I am in fact awesome for working the miracle I did with the electrician. We discovered late Thursday night that our dishwasher is hard wired. I did not even know that was possible (most are! Did you know this??)and many minutes were spent cussing about the previous owners and the 50 foot power cord to seemingly nowhere. I don’t necessarily take back all the cussing, but I will take back some, turns out they hard wired it appropriately and for that I am thankful! I managed to organize for an electrician to come and cut the power to the old dishwasher in the morning, receive the new dishwasher in the afternoon, and have the new one hooked back up to electric later that day. It really did seem like a minor miracle. Steve and I did manage to hook the new one back up to the plumbing Sunday, but once again direction reader Kerri and I’ll just wing it Steve butt heads trying to get this simple task accomplished. We learned a long time ago that we have much different ways of doing these kinds of things and it is better for everyone if we do as few of these projects as possible. (most projects result in Steve managing the task himself because "let's just get this done ALREADY" while Kerri stands with her hands over her eyes because "I can't watch, the directions didn't mention this part!") The dishwasher made it through a successful dry run later that night and now sits with its seemingly cavernous trays quite full waiting for its first official run tonight. New dishwashers have so much more room! The change in the kitchen with just this one new appliance is amazing. Sadly, with all home improvement projects there are already a few things creeping out of the woodwork and no I don’t mean the creepy kind with multiple legs. I mean the also hardwired garbage disposal, the white plastic kick plates around the whole room that we need to remove and replace with what exactly?, the mystery awaiting us behind the laminate backsplash, organizing for a plumber to come uninstall the sink and reinstall the new one, and also wondering out loud several times a day how the heck we will make it through this renovation without losing our minds. We know it will so worth it in the end and we will actually enjoy being in our kitchen when this is all over. Sometimes I get crazy and think statements that begin with “While we are at it...” These are dangerous statements, but while we are it, I am seriously considering making a case for cutting that pass through to the living room. Just please don’t tell my husband, I think he would lose his grapes.


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