Oh yeah, life goes on

I jetted out of work yesterday with a mission to pick up Caroline’s RX for her new anti-fungal from CVS and get gas en route. It was a perfect plan, CVS and the gas station are next to one another with easy access to the highway that leads to daycare. Perfect plans don’t seem to work out so well do they?

We are fortunate to have a drive thru pharmacy at our CVS and I happily pulled in behind one waiting car. SCORE! 10 minutes and approximately 3 traffic reports later, I found myself in Park with the engine off (trying to do my part to conserve resources!), muttering my annoyances to no one, and thoroughly annoyed. The car in front of me had in fact paid for a prescription. I had seen the transaction. I had also seen the bag in the tech’s hands, but yet I was still waiting to GET to the window. I did the complete unthinkable and got out of the car, approached the driver’s window and asked how long she expected to be. Who am I?! She was totally caught off guard and relayed that she had already paid. My response was “I know I saw that 10 freakin’ minutes ago.” I stomped off, threw my hands up in the air at the car behind me, and jetted off to go handle this inside the store.

While I do adore the drive thru, often when a prescription isn’t quite ready the drive thru can be a fatal error. I don’t know why they feel pressured to make that one up right then and there because oh my god the owner is here to claim it. Seriously, you don’t have it yet, say “come back in 10 minutes,” is that so difficult?

Inside proved to be worse, the pharmacy line was at least 8 people deep and there was no hope that I would be getting my baby’s anti-fungal anytime soon. So I said Screw It knowing that I still have the coveted Vusion sample at home which would beat the snot out of this anti-fungal anyway. Ten minutes of my life I will never get back and wow I am clearly still angry about it. ahem.

My parents surprised us with a little visit last night. It was nice to have some adult companionship and conversation & the extra hands to help me finish packing up Caroline’s lunch and get the dinner dishes washed didn't hurt. I had someone to gab about American Idol with and laugh at train wreck Paula with. My mom helped at bathtime (We are in the big tub and it's not going so well). Caroline & I had a great time and we hope that we can do little random visits like this one more often!

The skies were angry last night. Not long after my parents left the wind was howling, the rain was pouring down in sheets, the thunder threatened to wake the baby, and the lightening had me cowering by the window. My parents fortunately avoided most of the weather on their way home. I even called them to tell them to come back it was so bad. There were tornado watches in northern NJ. Tornado watches. The weather is scary this year. I may or may not have contemplated where I would take Caroline for safety if the television started flashing tornado warnings (front hall closet, the lowest interior closet in the house, though precariously placed by the door).

Rash Flash

IMPROVEMENT! Think less pissed off you scorned me fire engine red. Think less bumpy and splotchy. Think a lot less painful. Think good thoughts that it keeps up!

Early Morning Call From Sin City

Imagine yourself sleeping underneath your luxurious new bedspread, spread out yet still on your own side, though no one occupies the other half of the bed. Now imagine your phone ringing at 1:45AM. Envision yourself stumbling to the phone see your spouse calling from Vegas. What would you say to him? (I stammered, “Why are you calling me so late?”) But you can’t hear anything because he can’t hear you because HE is listening to John Cougar aka John Mellencamp aka John Cougar Mellencamp LIVE at his global sales conference singing Jack and Diane. You finally hear your spouse, screaming the words into the phone. (erin – you can imagine how that went!) “Thanks for waking up, I love you.” Click. I’d imagine that you would go back to sleep smiling just like I did.


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